GBF Report - Polystyrene Foam

24 Steps to reduce dock foam pollution at source by the partnership of Georgian Bay Forever (GBF), the “Say No” to Dock Foam Committee, and the Township of The Archipelago • Released the results of 9 shoreline clean-ups in Georgian Bay. The most prevalent litter was dock foam (Report: ). • Formed the “Say No” to Dock Foam Committee with objectives to: commission known scientific proof of harm to the environment (this report), research dock alternatives, educate consumers, sellers, and municipalities on environmental impacts and alternatives, and work to remove PS unencapsulated foam docks from the future marketplace. • Support the Township of The Archipelago to bring recommendations on this issue to a future Great Lakes St. Lawrence Cities Mayors’ Conference and to the Ontario government at a conference of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario. • Work in partnership with community associations, the Georgian Bay Association and the Township of The Archipelago to help facilitate the disposal of old and abandoned docks. • Find and work with new partners to expand the reach and effectiveness of these steps. • Expand Seabin use. Work in partnership with stakeholders like municipalities and marinas to deploy seabins, and help collect litter data. As of April 2020, there is an agreement with the Town of Collingwood .The Town will install two bins and GBF has committed to purchase and install one. GBF is also hopeful that we will be able to install five gutter bins as a test. GBF learned that Desmasdon’s and Beacon marine are installing Seabins this summer (2020), and they have offered to assist GBF in quantifying and classifying bin contents (litter collected) as much as possible. 4.3 Next steps 4.4 Thank You to Funders and Supporters Georgian Bay Forever thanks these funders and volunteers for their contributions to mitigating PS foam pollution, part of GBF ’s Divert and Capture project. This project was undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada through the federal Department of Environment and Climate Change, the RBC Foundation, Patagonia, J. P. Bickell Foundation, TheW. Garfield Weston Foundation, LUSH, The LeVan Family Foundation, The Charles H. Ivey Foundation, the Township of The Archipelago and GBF’s many passionate donors. Our deep appreciation goes to the“Say No” to Dock Foam Committee comprised of staff and volunteers. Thank you especially to volunteers: Peter Adams, Stella Juhāsz, Erika Kramer, Sue McPhedran, Brenda Royce, SandyThompson. Thank you to GBF’s Brooke Harrison and Heather Sargeant, and the University of Toronto’s Lisa Erdle for their contributions to the committee. Thank you to JUNCTION59 for digitizing this report. A final thanks to all the sellers, and environmental managers who provided information when interviewed. Thank you to Heather Sargeant, the Communications Director for Georgian Bay Forever who made contributions to the report. Protecting your water.