Job & Volunteer Opportunities

Summer Job Opportunites – Generally in Tay, Honey Harbour/Cognashene, Matchedash Area

Only 1 remaining job opportunitiy for EDUCATION OUTREACH COORDINATORS this summer working on restoring wetlands by managing the invasive plant Phragmites . We have filled 5, we are looking for 1 more.

To apply today to be part of our Phragmites program, visit these links:

Volunteer Opportunity- Collingwood Area

Help reduce tiny plastic microfibers from getting into Georgian Bay .

GBF is looking for 300 permanent resident volunteers in the Collingwood area to volunteer for a FREE washing machine filter and participate in the sample collection to Divert and Capture microplastics that come from washing your clothes from getting into Georgian Bay.

If you qualify, you will be helping to divert microfibre plastics that come off your clothes during the laundering process from polluting the water, and impacting the health of the aquatic ecosystem.

More information on qualifying, please contact with your contact information and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

To learn more about cleanups and Divert and Capture, visit this link:

Microfiber plastics

Volunteer Opportunity

Fight Invasive Phragmites this summer that are harming wetlands and habitat, in your local area of Georgian Bay .

To find a community leader near you, contact

Learn more about Phragmites.

Phragmites  Picture

Volunteer Opportunity- Georgian Bay

Help reduce waste and litter getting into Georgian Bay, particularly plastic litter in Georgian Bay.

GBF is pleased to announce 'Diversion 2.0' to add to our projects mitigating plastic and waste getting into the aquatic environment, thanks to contributions from Environment and Climate Change Canada*, the Weston Family Foundation and GBF donors.

The program involves these elements (click on the links if you want to learn more, or get involved):
  • Expanding distribution of trapping trash devices. Catching pollution before it gets to water. For municipalities and marinas
  • High school citizen science opportunity – volunteer your class to sort and classify types of plastic waste
  • Learn about diverting microplastic waste from washing your clothes
  • Schedule presenters to learn ways to move towards zero plastic waste
  • Join Plastic-Free Georgian Bay

To find out more about these opportunities, click on or email Nicole Dimond at


Volunteer Opportunity

Shoreline Cleanups - Join one today

Follow this link to do a shoreline cleanup process suggestion that incorporates physical/social distancing, and helps GBF and partners identify sources of litter so that we can mitigate them from polluting the shorelines and risking the health of the aquatic ecosystem.

Click on this link to get started: Shoreline cleanups.

Plastics pollution shoreline cleanup image

To learn more about cleanups and Divert and Capture, visit this link

To learn more about cleanups from 2019, visit this link

Volunteer Opportunity

Volunteer to take water quality samples!

A partner of GBF on water quality, the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve (GBBR) has identified a need for more volunteers in monitoring nutrients along eastern Georgian Bay. Nutrient monitoring refers to total phosphorus (TP) monitoring, as it is the nutrient that controls the growth of algae and most living biota in the aquatic environment. In order to collect TP in a single database, cottagers and associations are encouraged to get involved in the provincial Lake Partner Program (LPP) to help monitor the health of their waterbody. To date, there are 600 volunteers sampling at over 800 sites; there are at least 40 additional sites that could help scientific understanding of nutrients in eastern Georgian Bay. If your association has questions or would like further information, please contact David Bywater, program coordinator at or 705.774.0978.

Rushing Water