STOP PHRAG Signs – How to use them

Many of you have requested Phrag signs to help draw attention to the cause of fighting invasive Phragmites. These signs were made with that in mind.

Sign for stopping Phragmites

1. Very visible. 24 x 18 inches, double sided
2. Ugly for an ugly plant, reminder of the Phragmites Horror Trailer
3. Arresting – get people to stop and look, ask questions and take some literature, get involved hopefully
4. Durable – exterior signs meant to last for about 2 years, water resistant and UV resistant
5. Practical – Stakes to insert into substrates


Tips on using them to best advantage:

Phragmites Image SignPhragmites image 2

  • If the stand is on private property, ask permission to put the sign up. It may be best to use it during cuts days only – while there is activity going on.
  • Have handouts if possible for passersby who are curious. Georgian Bay can supply 20 of these pamphlets to you while quantities last.
  • Do not leave these signs on public property or parks.
  • When you are finished with these signs at a stand, please store them. They should be able to be used multiple times and we know invasive Phragamites is a commitment.

How do I get some?

Check out Phragbusters apparel and rules on how you can get some of these signs.