Ministry of Transportation Invasive Phragmites Updates

Thank you to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) for helping to control this invasive by attacking it on some important highways leading right up to Georgian Bay, and other important beautiful areas in Ontario.

Highways are spread vectors of this invasive plant that connect with municipal roads that connect right to the places we all love. It is important that we all work together to stop this plant.

Working on it
In March, all regions of MTO met together to share information and ideas, and all were interested in initiating Phragmites control efforts. The meeting helped spread understanding about the negative issues of invasive Phragmites if left untreated.

Regions began the work of assessing invasive Phragmites in their area, prioritizing areas of concern/control, and working to secure funding to do the work.

All of this will take time, but is amazing progress in the fight against invasive Phragmites. See the information to the right to see some of MTO's updates.

West Region
Central Region
Supporting Information and Links on other Invasive Phragmites work.