Georgian Bay Communities Fight Invasive Phragmites. Now!

July 2016. With more than 8,000 km of shoreline, Georgian Bay is home to some of the Canada's most pristine coastal wetlands. Many creatures and organisms depend on these wetlands for life-sustaining activities like food and foraging, nurseries, spawning, shade, water treatment and shelter. This tenacious invasive plant, Phragmites australis subsp australis, grows quickly and densely into moncultures that threaten to reduce plant biodiversity, decrease habitat for endangered species, and damage the proper functioning of Georgian Bay's coastal wetlands.

Wetland Comparisons Georgian Bay
Not only do they impair the wetlands ecosystems, they can wreak havoc on your recreational enjoyment of the water.

Due to its height and density, a stand of invasive Phragmites can block access to your favourite shoreline or view, and create potential fire hazards due to large amount of dead standing thatch within mature stands.

Georgian Bay Communities: Taking Action…

Georgian Bay Forever (GBF) calls fighters of invasive Phragmites - PHRAGBUSTERS.

This 2016, Phragbusters are a coalition of passionate volunteers, environmental organizations, cottage associations and parks, specific townships; with grant support from Environment Canada and the RBC Blue Water Project. These groups are further being aided by broader efforts by the Ministry of Transportation and the Ontario Phragmites Working Group to name a few.

Our Goal

Remove 2 x as much invasive Phragmites as last year. That's at least 16,000 kilograms of this awful plant!

It's Doable.

With your help.

2016 Georgian Bay Phragbusting Activities by Community.
Join one.

* To search by first letter of your community, please go here or scroll this list of 15.

    1. Your Georgian Bay Community Group.
    If your community isn't listed below. Email Communications to register your group. Phragmites don't follow boundaries - and the wider a Georgian Bay effort we make this the better.

    2. Bayfield-Nares Islanders Association: Cuts July 17th and Aug 7, 8 am to 10 am.
    Email Anne to volunteer.

    3. Cognashene: Cut Dates TBD.
    Email Sandy to volunteer.

    4. Collingwood: Cut August 6th
    Get involved in helping the precious coastal wetlands of Collingwood! They need your help. Join members of town staff, the mayor, the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority (NVCA), Blue Mountain Watershed Trust, and GBF. Details here or register online at Register Now!
    • See this video presentation from the NVCA on the biodiversity that you are fighting Phrag for.
    • Breathing New Life to Collingwood Beaches. Read the 2015 report on Phragmites removal in Collingwood.

    5. Copperhead and Sans Souci: July 16
    July 16th is environmental day where Phragmites will be discussed. If you need more information, please email Katherine.

    6. Craigleith: July 22
    Volunteer help is needed. See this link on July 22 . Or email Stormie.

    7. Georgian Bay Association: Phragmites Education and Management Committee
    This Committee has representation from a number of Cottage Associations. Here is a link that lists who is on their committee that might be part of your community. Click here

    8. Go Home Bay/Madawaska Club: 3rd Week of July
    To volunteer for these cuts, or learn more email Kelly.

    9. Honey Harbour: TBD
    Learn about what Honey Harbour is doing for Phragmites in their community. To volunteer for Honey Harbour cuts or learn more, email Kathryn.

    10. Mill Lake: Identifying and Mapping
    This first year, they will be learning about Phragmites to identify if any threaten Mill Lake. Please email Tomor Sharon to learn more about it.

    11. Sans Souci and Copperhead: July 16, cuts TBD
    July 16th is environmental day where phragmites will be discussed. If you need more information, please email Katherine.

    12. Tay Township: Mon July 25th
    Volunteer help is needed at several parks around Tay. See this link or email Bryan Anderson.

    13. Wasaga Beach: July 16, July 24.
    Volunteer help is needed. See this link for July 16 and July 24. Or email Stormie.

    14. Woods Bayers: July 30th (Talk) and Aug 7 (Cut)
    • Explore Our Shores - July 30th, A WBCA Friends and Family event
      A 9.30 am to 12 pm event featuring a Phragmites facts talk by GBF's Heather Sargeant, guided hike in the Biosphere, and a stewardship workshop. Details here.
    • August 7 - Community Volunteers Cut Invasive Phragmites in Woods Bay. Volunteers needed. Flyer here and email Heather to volunteer.

    15. Wymbolwood Beach (Tiny): Multiple Summer Phrag Cuts
    Tiny and Wymbolwood beach are always looking for volunteers to help the fight. Councillor Hinton of Tiny has supported Lynn Short and her efforts with trying to control this plant. Please email Lynn if you would like to learn what you can do in Tiny or Wymbolwood Beach.

Other events and opportunities:

  • Email us today at Communications to advise us of your interest in being a Phragbuster, and we will help you find a cut or learn about this plant.
  • Email us today at Communications to help you promote your cut with the Georgian Bay Community, and get more attention and volunteers.

More events to come. Remember to find out who is working on invasive Phragmites in your area
Link to Georgian Bay Phragbuster communities.