Tay takes on invasive Phragmites

Georgian Bay Forever (GBF) is proud to support the invasive Phragmites fighting efforts of Tay Township and the wonderful Tay volunteers. The community effort was initiated by Councillor Catherine Root and managed by Bryan Anderson, Manager of Parks, Recreation & Facilities. GBF provided a letter of support to the Township for their successful application to the Land Stewardship and Habitat Restoration Program Grant application (Government of Ontario). The grant helped the Tay Township remove invasive Phragmites from 6 of the local Park/Waterfront areas. GBF helped by training staff and volunteers in the selective cut method.

Phragbusting in Tay at MacKenzie Beach 2016!

Volunteers, residents, and Park staff have been tackling many invasive Phragmites stands this summer in Tay. This invasive plant was invading loved shorelines and properties in the municipality.

Tay wasn't about to let this happen

Why you should care

Tay and GBF are passionate about removing invasive Phragmites, a reed originally from Europe, which has no natural controls and quickly grows into very dense and tall monocultures which threaten biodiversity, wetland functioning, and recreational access to the beautiful coastal shorelines we all enjoy. To read more about invasive Phragmites, please click this link.
To kick things off, a May workshop was organized by the municipality to train residents to identify this invasive plant, and how to do manage and remove the plant in wetlands.
Bryan Anderson from the Parks Department, provided his contact details, banderson@tay.ca for residents with questions; and worked with Councillor Catherine Root to establish times and dates for late July to mid-August cuts within the municipality.
MacKenzie Beach is one example of the efforts of volunteers, the municipality, and GBF coming together to reclaim a loved public shoreline from the invasive form of the Phragmites plant.

Thanks Tay for helping protect Georgian Bay wetlands!

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