Georgian Bay Township and Community Phragbusting

Good news for community groups battling invasive Phragmites on Georgian Bay shorelines! If your community group needs some more resources, the Georgian Bay Township has allocated $15,000 for summer 2017 to community Phragbusting groups.

Here is how your group can qualify

    1. Phragmites stands must be within Georgian Bay Township boundaries
    2. Phragmites stands must be on Georgian bay shorelines, or in an area that is likely to spread to shorelines
    3. Download and fill out this application form and submit to
    4. Receive a letter of confirmation or requests for further info from within 10 days

Help! I don't know what resources I need?

There are many factors involved in a community fighting Phragmites. From learning how to identify the plant, mapping it, planning, resourcing and prioritizing which stands to tackle, to planning at executing cuts in late July and August.

These steps are outlined in this link, The Process for Invasive Phragmites Removal in Georgian Bay Wetlands and Shorelines. Depending on your situation, examples of potential budgeting needs could be as follows:

  • If stands are quite large (or you have several large ones) and manual cutting with hand cutters looks to be impossible, a consideration could be a STIHL Kombi System KM 130R (update 131R), equipped with a reciprocating power scythe FH-KM 135° attachment. Costs are about $600 to $800. Or a less expensive option.

  • Your group may need training for identification, the process etc. If Georgian Bay Forever staff is available, we would be happy to help. Typically aim for a group of about 20 to 40 volunteers. Budgeting for the cost of staff travel could be a consideration.

  • If permitted in your area, burn barrel(s) to help with disposal ( estimate $130 to $150 each)

  • Other tools as indicated in the process that can't be donated for the day by volunteers (example extra hand-cutters, tarps, yard waste bags, twine etc.)
  • Phragmites stand is dry land-based big and set back far enough from water, consideration could be given for the cost of a licensed applicator, and the costs of the materials
Don't try to figure it all out now! After you have submitted this application form, we can work with you to help you determine the resource need and what is available.

What do I need to do if our group receives some money?

Report back to us at Let us know the number of sites you were able to identify, the number of sites you were able to cut, and their approximate size. Take a before picture, and an after picture of the stand. If possible, forward some pictures of your group cut day to inspire others!