What we are focused on protecting and solving

Top issues and info links:

Protecting aquatic ecosystems and native species - the biodiversity of Georgian Bay.

Safeguarding water quality.

Previous work includes:
  • Working with partners to improve water quality testing. Read more.
  • Informing the public about the dangers of pollution in our water and shorelines, like cigarette butts, one of the most littered items on Canadian beaches. Read more.
New work:
  • Proposing new technologies (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) to exponentially increase data capture on important water quality measures and underwater shoreline features. Learn more .
  • Investigating growing problems (microplastics and sewage and stormwater overflows). Look for new articles in our upcoming Winter 2018 newsletter in released in February. In the meantime, explore some of the issues around sewage and stormwater overflows in Georgian Bay. Learn more.
Working to mitigate climate change impacts.

  • Ongoing work with partners on assessing Eastern Georgian Bay , as well as identifying gaps through participation in the 2018 GB5 science symposium, and the upcoming Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve's 2018 State of the Bay report (Last update 2013) .
  • Continued progress in driving solutions for extreme water levels due to climate change. Read the summary report.
  • Commitment to educational pieces on climate change and its impacts on Georgian Bay (ongoing facebook, twitter, presentations, website articles, emails, newsletter articles and more).

Updated December 4, 2017.