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Fish talk… on this CurrentCast.

When Aaron Rice eavesdrops on a conversation, he hears plenty of pops, purrs, clicks and grunts.

As Research Associate at the Bioacoustics Research Program at Cornell University, he listens to fish. The sounds usually have something to do with aggression or reproduction - and some are loud.

Freshwater fish picture

Rice: “You can hear them just honking away as the males protect their nests and try to attract females to them.”

Other sounds are too quiet for human ears, but fish are built for underwater hearing --

Rice: “They are 85% water and so sound waves travel through them pretty readily.”

Rice and others use the sound to learn more about fish habits and to track their distribution.


Bioacoustics in the Great Lakes

A sound strategy for learning about fish… on this CurrentCast.

Aaron Rice, of Cornell’s Bioacoustics Research Program, tracks fish populations and behavior. He does it using sound.

Rice: “The advantage of using sound as a survey method is that with digital recording technology that's available now you can take a hydrophone, connect it to a essentially waterproof computer with a whole bunch of batteries and deploy it at the bottom of the lake let it record for six months to a year and then come back and start your analysis and so you have 24/7 audio coverage of a particular environment.”

Rice says this information can be used for things such as placing off-shore windfarms in areas where they would have a minimal impact on fish life.

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