A poet’s view of Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay, by Kristina J. Loevenmark

You are the place I call my home
Windswept pine and glacier-formed stone.
Your waters gleam in the light of the sun
For spending my time you’re the only one.

Isalnd with Driftwood Kristina

I’ve watched you change and seen you grow
Rain-slick rock and trees laden with snow.
Hiked your shores and paddled your bays
Grown amidst your wilderness and learned your ways.

Your secrets I could never know
Call of the loon; squawk of the crow.
Enchanting sunsets; dancing Northern Lights
Calm before the storm and moonlit nights.

You release your power when you choose
All attempts to rule you surely must lose.
My awe at your ruggedness will forever be
The mystery that sets my heart free.

More about the poet, Kristina J. Loevenmark

Kristina J. Loevenmark Kristina J. Loevenmark grew up spending summers at her family’s cottage amidst the islands of north-eastern Georgian Bay, Ontario. Swimming, exploring islands, fishing, paddling and camping are among her fondest memories. Today Kristina continues to explore and photograph northern Georgian Bay and all its beauty with her teenage daughter. They reside in Deep River, Ontario.

Thank you, Kristina, for your poetry, and sharing it with all of us.