A poet reflects on Georgian Bay

If I Were an Island, by Kristina J. Loevenmark

whispering Pine Kristina

If I were an island
I would be nestled among other islands
Sheltered from prevailing winds
Where the waters are clean and deep.

My smooth rock would rise and fall
Creating secluded coves and inlets;
Cliffs and splendid lookouts.
A gentle breeze would kiss my scattered wildflowers.

Glacier-worn granite of pink and cream
Would flank my entire island;
Tall pine would tower over a peaceful harbour
And deciduous trees would shroud my forest trails.

Puddick-Boulder view by Kristina

If I were an island, I would share it
With scores of minnows and insects.
Deer, moose, bear and racoon, beaver, squirrel
And the great blue heron would all be welcome.

A lone eagle would alight
In the tallest of my pines
Keeping watch
As songbirds flit and loon longingly calls to her mate.

The seasons would come and go
My island would diversify and adapt
Welcoming new species of flora and fauna
Humans would visit and call me home.

I would embrace them all and shelter them
As if they were my own.
As years pass, I would change and grow
Remaining steadfast and grateful.

If I were an island
Nestled among other islands
I would be loved
And I would be happy.

More about the poet, Kristina J. Loevenmark

Kristina J. Loevenmark Kristina J. Loevenmark grew up spending summers at her family’s cottage amidst the islands of north-eastern Georgian Bay, Ontario. Swimming, exploring islands, fishing, paddling and camping are among her fondest memories. Today Kristina continues to explore and photograph northern Georgian Bay and all its beauty with her teenage daughter. They reside in Deep River, Ontario.

Thank you, Kristina, for your poetry, and sharing it with all of us.