Dawn’s 3 fun book picks for kids curious about helping the environment.

(Book Pick 1 of 3) Title: 10 Things I Can Do To Help My World. Author: Melanie Walsh

Reviewed and recommended by Dawn Drayton, GBF Education Committee member

Picture of book: 10 Things I Can Do To Help My World

As an introduction to the Families for Change program (Click here to learn more), parents and grandparents can read this picture book with the toddlers in their families to get them started on the activities they can do around the cottage to contribute to protecting Georgian Bay.

Everyone will “enjoy making toys from things around the house.“ Egg cartons, yogurt containers and pieces of cardboard are all wonderful art materials for budding environmentalists and artists alike. Sorting the recycling is an activity in which everyone can participate. Toddlers will enjoy the cutout pages of this delightful book.

(Book Pick 2 of 3) Title: The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle. Author: Allison Inches

Reviewed and recommended by Dawn Drayton, GBF Education Committee member

Picture of book: The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle

This picture book for early readers traces the development of a plastic bottle from oil under the sea, through processing to become a plastic bottle.

Children aged six and up will enjoy looking at the stunning illustrations which include oil rigs, a bottling line and an extruder in the recycling plant. The bottle is reused as a vase before it is recycled. “The flower wilted and was put into a mulch pile to become fertilizer. Now I’m in a recycling bin,” laments the bottle. Sadly the book ends when the plastic is used to make a fleece pullover. The flower quickly decomposes to become fertilizer but the bottle must be recycled. This is an opportunity for the parent or grandparent to discuss the inability of plastic to decompose quickly. It is a great tie in with GBF's project in Parry Sound showing the destructive effect of microplastics on our water in Georgian Bay.

(Book Pick 3 of 3) Title: Looking at the Environment. Authors: David Suzuki and Barbara Heiner

Reviewed and recommended by Dawn Drayton, GBF Education Committee member

Picture of book: Looking at the Environment

Although this book was written in 1992, the activities are still very relevant today. The cottage environment provides the young environmentalist (grades four to eight) with outdoor space to perform the many exciting scientific experiments that Suzuki and Heiner lay out.

The authors provide a one to two page introduction to each experiment which gently explains a new environmental concept from water pollution to solar energy. Each topic is followed by simple directions for an experiment that illustrates the concept.

These experiments will require adult supervision and assistance. One experiment you must try illustrates water filtration through coffee filters, sand and powdered charcoal. Parents and grandparents alike will particularly enjoy making various bird feeders, experimenting with recycling, and learning about plants and animals with their budding environmentalists.

The book ends with 28 suggestions for how we all can help our world which lead into GBFs recommendations for Families For Change.

A little about the reviewer

Dawn Drayton, pictured below at the cottage with her husband, has been an incredible volunteer for Georgian Bay Forever for years - including being an active member of the fundraising and education committees. We thank her so much for her passion. At GBF, we are always hoping to connect with passionate people. It can even start with a book and author recommendation. If you want to submit one, please contact the education committee for consideration. We are looking for books that tell stories and or provide information that will help to illuminate and engage our fellow Georgian Bayers on protecting the water. Email us with the subject line Book Club Reco at info@gbf.org.