Dawn’s book pick about the Night Sky for young readers

Title: Night Sky, by Stephanie Warren Drimmer

A recommendation by Dawn Drayton

Published by: National Geographic Kids

Level Two Reading Independently Grades 1-3

If your family is like mine, we love to lie on our deck in the dark and watch the stars in the night sky. If you are like me, you’d probably like to know more about the constellations but are overwhelmed with technical jargon. With the help of this easy-to-read children’s book, your children and grandchildren can guide you through the night sky.

Picture of book: Night Sky Stephanie Warren Dimmer introduces the independent reader to the orbits of the moon, lunar (Loo-nur) eclipses (ee-KLIPS), the composition of stars and the earth's atmosphere - so important for developing an understanding of greenhouse gases. She introduces a few constellations, The Big Dipper and Orion, and then talks about the sun, the galaxies, and the Milky Way.

Everyone’s favourite, shooting stars, are explained simply. ”They’re meteors- small lumps of rock that fall toward the Earth.” The book ends with a short explanation of our solar system and the planets that circle our sun.

What makes this book so readable are the bright illustrations and the riddles peppered lavishly throughout. What six or seven-year-old doesn’t love riddles?

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