Dawn’s book pick about Water for young readers

Title: Water, by Melissa Stewart

A recommendation by Dawn Drayton

Published by: National Geographic Kids

Level Three Fluent Reader Age range 6-9

Finally a book for children that introduces them to what Georgian Bay is all about - water! In this book they learn about the concept of the 'blue planet' and that “Water covers almost three quarters of Earths surface.”

Stewart takes the young fluent reader through the development of life forms from their start in the ocean through their evolution to the land.

Beginning with the four oceans, the author then shifts to fresh water lakes, describing the food chain. She explains the role rivers play as they flow into the ocean picking up silt and some salt from the land.
Picture of book: Water “Water is special. It’s the only substance found naturally in three forms - solid, liquid and gas.” There are simple experiments the reader can do independently to illustrate the three different forms. She describes the water cycle and the impact of water vapour on weather. “Water vapour can become the rain that ruins a picnic.”

Three kinds of clouds are introduced, cirrus, cumulus, and stratus with clear bright pictures for each. The concept of drought so significant to climate change is depicted as well. And there are fun facts and "weird but true" sidebars throughout, as well as a quiz at the end. There is also a glossary and index at the back of the book, modelling adult non-fiction.

In conclusion, Stewart discusses how important water is to our bodies and our way of life. Water is finite. We need to use it wisely and keep it clean.

A little bit about the reviewer

Dawn Drayton, pictured below at the cottage with her husband, has been an incredible volunteer for Georgian Bay Forever for years - including being an active member of the fundraising and education committees. We thank her so much for her passion. At GBF, we are always hoping to connect with passionate people. It can even start with a book and author recommendation. If you want to submit one, please contact the education committee for consideration. We are looking for books that tell stories and or provide information that will help to illuminate and engage our fellow Georgian Bayers on protecting the water. Email us with the subject line Book Club Reco at info@gbf.org.

Families For Change Program

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