Students Help Reduce Plastic Waste

These 4 students are helping reduce the amount of plastic waste and litter in Georgian Bay. This summer, they are helping GBF's Project Coordinators Nicole Dimond and Brooke Harrison work towards the goals of our Diversion 2.0 project and Divert and Capture Collingwood project.

While these 4 students are based in Collingwood, you'll see them out and about in many communities in Georgian Bay. Please do not hesitate to ask them any questions about their work mitigating plastic waste pollution. Their main activities will be ogranizing and supporting weekly shoreline cleanups, charcterizing the waste with volunteers from litter trapping devices positioned by GBF and our partners in Georgian Bay, installing microfibre/plastics filters in volunteer households in Collingwood, and providing education on reducing plastic waste and litter to as many people as possible.
    Please REGISTER for 1-hour lunchtime webinars in the Tackling Plastic Pollution" at this link.

We are so pleased to have these environmentally educated students join the GBF team thanks to funding support from the Great Lakes Local Action Fund and GBF donors. Read on to discover a little bit more about these Plastic Pollution Program Assistants.

Emma Christensen

Hi! My name is Emma Christensen, I recently completed my second year of University at Dalhousie studying Environmental Sustainability. I have always loved Georgian Bay. I was raised and went to school in Thornbury and Collingwood and I have spent my 19 summers in Bayfield Inlet on Georgian Bay at my cottage.

I am honoured and thrilled to be spending the summer of 2021 contributing to the efforts of GBF in protecting Georgian Bay’s natural health and beauty.
Student for Plastics Pollutin Porjects, Georgian Bay

Bronwyn Kirby

Hi! My name is Bronwyn Kirby. I grew up and live in Alliston, ON. I am an Environmental Sustainability student at Lakehead University. From a young age I have always been passionate about many environmental issues. I am excited to share my passion about environmental issues and solutions surrounding Georgian Bay. Plastic is polluting every ecosystem on earth; the plastic visible to us is only the tip of the trash heap. It is vitally important to spread awareness about environmental issues and how as a community we can work together to reduce and eliminate plastic waste.

Georgian Bay is such a beautiful and unique area, I am so excited to make a difference in a place I call home. I am thrilled to be on the GBF team this summer making a change in protecting our waterways.
Student Georgian Bay Forever helping to reduce plastic waste

Kerri Lynch

Hey! My name is Kerri, I am a third-year biology student out of Queen’s university with a focus in animal physiology and ecosystem conservation. I developed a love for the outdoors by spending my childhood between cottaging on the shores of Lake Erie and snowboarding on the hills around Collingwood.

I am excited to work with the Georgian Bay Forever this summer because of their dedication to finding solutions for important environmental issues and I believe that working with the community towards mutual goals is key to implementing those long-term strategies.
Student helping reduce plastic waste in Georgian Bay

Sofie Ohrling

My name is Sofie Ohrling I am a plastic pollution program assistant for Georgian Bay Forever this summer! I am a second-year Biology student at the University of Victoria. I grew up in Collingwood Ontario and am lucky to have enjoyed swimming, paddle boarding and canoeing on Georgian bay throughout the years!

I am excited to work with the Georgian Bay Forever team to reduce micro plastics in Georgian Bay and help preserve the environment for future generations!
plastics waste and litter Georgian Bay student
The Objectives
1) These students will assist Project Coordinators in implementing plastics mitigation programs in 2-5 municipalities around the Georgian Bay coast, focusing on: Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, The Township of the Blue Mountains, Tay Township, Tiny Township, Parry Sound and the Township of Georgian Bay.

2) They will work to engage a minimum of 30 members in the Georgian Bay Plastics-Free(GBPF) program (a variety of small to large businesses, schools, camps, provincial parks, municipal buildings etc.)

3) Lead, deliver and/or support ten or more shoreline cleanups as well as remove at least 500 lbs of macro/micro plastics from the water and shorelines. Engage a minimum of 100 volunteers that will work on the cleanups as well as an additional 10-40 who will support more in-depth waste characterization activities as well as participate in sub-committees that will focus on issues pertaining to the most prolific items found and removed.

4) Host a minimum of 4 public education webinars/in-person events where communications and knowledge can be shared with the general public. Work with partners to deliver educational components to schools, members, camps etc., in an effort to widely inform residents and visitors about plastic issue, how to reduce their use, and ultimately repurpose much of what they would “throw out”. Through this effort, we will reach at least 400 concerned citizens.

5) Create several types of materials and educational offerings that help to promote resources and actions to mitigate overall plastic pollution as well communications that are pertinent to specific communities that are working to support the initiative in a broader sense.
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