GBF Shoreline Clean Up Summary

PO Box 7537, Leslie Street Toronto, ON M4M 1B3 | 905.880.4945 | Registered Charity #89531 1066 RR0001 14 August 23: Tiny Township Wahnekewaning Beach Georgian Bay Forever headed to the southern region of Georgian Bay for a shoreline cleanup at Wahnekewaning Beach in Tiny Township. This beach is a popular spot for locals and tourists during the summer months, and therefore is used heavily. While the Town’s park staff does a great job of frequently cleaning the beach, littering outpaces their ability to keep up. 4 volunteers picked 8 pounds of garbage off of 400 meters of Tiny’s shorelines. As with previous beach cleanups, cigarette butts were the most common item, totalling 290. Food wrappers were the second most common item, followed by microplastic fragments and small foam pieces. Fragments of plastic bags were found tangled in shoreline vegetation. A volunteer shared his thoughts: “It’s so easy to overlook a plastic water bottle here, or a candy wrapper there. With single use plastic talk in the news lately, I have been a lot more conscious with single-use plastic that I use. While my part in today’s shoreline cleanup is minor, if everyone spent a little bit of time cleaning up, or thinking more about their plastic use, you wouldn’t see those plastic water bottles or candy wrappers around beaches anymore”.