GBF 2021 - Phragmites Report

21 The Archipelago is in the emerging stages of Phragmites spreading to the area. The work being done to the south directly impacts the rocky shorelines in the Archipelago. By mitigating the spread and facilitating phragbusting activities with community leaders we can stay on top of this highly invasive plant before it gets to be uncontrollable. The Archipelago (65 stands) received 100% control in 2020. We are now seeing 52 stands in the monitoring/ eradicated stage which indicates early detection and management is working. 13 stands received control this year, all of which are under 10m 2 , and on the way to eradication. Thank you for these continued great efforts that are showing such amazing progress. GBF worked with Point au Baril Marine Patrol, Ontario Parks, Parks Canada, municipalities, cottage associations, and many individual volunteers to mapped, monitored and controlled invasive Phragmites stands thanks to prior years help and training from Georgian Bay Forever. Woods Bay There are currently 10 stands in the coastal Woods Bat area. 5 sites are in the monitoring/ eradicated stage and and 5 sites were controlled in 2020. These 5 stands have been controlled in previous years and are looking much, much better and will likely be in the monitoring stage in 2021. With just a few active stands now in Woods Bay it is more important now than ever to stay with mapping the area to ensure early detection occurs in any new locations. Thank you to Rachel, Emmie, Jackson, Sloane, Reece, Cadi, and Heather for dedicating 21 hours of phragbusting to Woods Bay! Sans Souci and Copperhead Sans Souci and Copperhead have been working diligently and effectively over the years to early detect any new growth of Phragmites , while controlling stands already established. Sans Souci and Copperhead has 20 stands (outside parks boundaires) that dedicated volunteers control and manage. Remarkable, due to hard work in previous years, zero regrowth occurred and the area is now seems Phragmites free. Attentive mapping and monitoring will still be required but stands that were once so huge and now eradicated. Thank you to Peter Adams, Katherine Denune, and the many other hard-working volunteers for getting Sans Souci Copperhead to this point.