GBF 2021 - Phragmites Report

3 Executive Summary Georgian Bay Forever (GBF) has been working with Phragmites along the Eastern shorelines of Georgian Bay for the past 8 years. In 2019 an eradication plan was developed for each individual site. Individual site plans are crucial for successful eradication because sites have different characteristics such as density, size, water depth, and neighbouring vegetation. In this report you will see individual maps have been developed per region, as well as a 2019 versus 2020 versus 2025 maps displaying where we were, where we are, and where we hope to be with successful funding towards eradication. As of 2020 we are seeing nearly 40% eradication - we are progressing and we cannot give up now ! About 90% of sites could be eradicated by the year 2025 if funding and support continue . With this plan, a fter 2025 , Phragmites would be so diminished we would expect coastal communities to be well equipped to manage any new stands that develop, and monitor all sites where stands used to exist . What are the current highlights? • GBF staff mapped 711 stands (sites) and cut 170 stands • 2 75 , or 3 9 %, of these sites are in the monitoring/ eradicated stage * • 445, or 63%, of Phragmites stands are under management by GBF • 133 new stands were identified due to increase in mapping efforts • 8 7 volunteers dedicated 4 60 hours to remove Phragmites from the shorelines (following COVID-19 protocols) • GBF staff and volunteers dedicated 2075 hours to Phragmites eradication In 2019 GBF developed a 5-year plan for every single stand mapped on the eastern shorelines of Georgian Bay ( In 2020 the plan was to see 76 in the monitoring/ eradicated stage, and instead we are now seeing 275. This shows incredible progress, our protocols are working and we are at 39% eradicated. The drowning method used is aided by high water level in 2020. Going into year two of the 5-year eradication plan, we have the same goal of all stands being under control, with about 90% being monitoring/ eradicated in 2025. The next few years are crucial to continue reaching our goals, having all 711 stands under control on way to eradication. Thank you to summer students Nicole Dimond, Jack Giroux, and Tanner Freeman for spending 1600 hours of phragbusting in Georgian Bay and thank you to the many cottage associations, municipalities, donors, and volunteers making this program possible. What does this report do? This report highlights the work Georgian Bay Forever completed over the 2020 field season to remove invasive Phragmites. If you have questions about this report contact the Project Coordinator at * Increase of 9 sites from 266 earlier reported. It is from Georgian Bay Township, we originally reported 182 sites eradicated, it is 191.