2021 Invasive Phragmites Management. Georgian Bay Forever Report.

10 Georgian Bay Forever Phragmites Report 2021 In 2021, two local post-secondary students were hired to protect the shorelines of Tay through Phragmites removal activities, educating the public and hosting community cut events. GBF staff mapped a total of 270 sites across 30km of Tay Township’s shorelines on Georgian Bay of which 59 of these were new. 84 of the total sites were not visible to GBF staff, putting these sites in the eradicated or monitoring stage. This year, GBF summer staff and volunteers cut a total of 102 sites. When totalling the number of sites eradicated, monitoring and cut, we see an overall control of 69%, leaving 31% of sites untreated. This year, GBF had not only 2 students dedicated to Tay Township but purchased an additional boat for these students to conduct their work. This significantly increased GBF’s time spent in Tay. As we have seen over the last 3 years, Tay Township coasts are home to many large sites (Table 3). In 2019, GBF did not have a boat in Tay Township and thus had to map and cut in areas accessible by road only. In 2020, GBF was able to conduct their work on the water, explaining the large increase in sites from 2019 to 2020. Summer Phragbusters split their time between Tay Township and Georgian Bay Township. In 2021, 54% (100) of the 185 sites visible were greater than 10m2. Though there is an increase in large sites, we are seeing a great increase in the number of sites not visible (i.e., eradicated). This may be the reason for a decrease in the number of sites under 10m2. This proves that our cut to drown method is working. With each year, we get closer to eradication and re-establishment of native biodiversity, funding pending. Table 3: Progress of invasive Phragmites management in Tay Township since 2019. Table 4: Status of recurring sites (mapped previous to 2021) vs. new sites found in 2021 in Tay Township. Eradicated/Monitored Sites Visible Under 10m2 Greater than 10m2 2021 (270 sites) 84 185 85 100 2020 (214 sites) 32 182 132 82 2019 (155 sites) 0 155 47 108 Recurring Sites New Sites 2021 Total Eradicated/Monitoring 83 n/a 83 Cut 52 47 99 Untreated 77 15 92 Total 212 62 274 Percent Control (Eradicated + Cut) 64% 76% 66% Figure 5: Tay Township Phragbusters Jared (left) and Sean (right) boating through a patch of Phragmites at Calvert Park.