2021 Invasive Phragmites Management. Georgian Bay Forever Report.

18 Georgian Bay Forever Phragmites Report 2021 Township of Georgian Bay For the purposes of this report, the Township of Georgian Bay has been broken down into 8 regions or communities: Wah Wah Taysee and 12 Mile Bay, Go Home Bay, Cognashene, Honey Harbour, Quarry Island, Present Island, Wolverine Beach to Macey’s Bay and Severn Sound to Port Severn. A total of 523 invasive Phragmites stands were mapped along these 8 regions and by the end of the 2021, GBF and community volunteers have nearly 80% of the Township of Georgian Bay under control. With this success, more focus can be put on providing that 20% with treatment. This year, GBF Phragbusters and volunteers cut 146 sites, put 267 in the monitoring/eradicated stage and found 97 new sites across the Township of Georgian Bay. Figure 18: Map of all Phragmites stands along Georgian Bay’s coasts of the Township of Georgian Bay in 2021.