2021 Invasive Phragmites Management. Georgian Bay Forever Report.

28 Georgian Bay Forever Phragmites Report 2021 Severn Sound/Port Severn As in 2020, Severn Sound remains a focus area to allocate more time and effort due to the success GBF has had in other regions of Georgian Bay Township. GBF staff and volunteers were able to control almost 50% of sites in Severn Sound. 59 new sites were mapped putting us at a total of 142 invasive Phragmites stands in the Port Severn to Severn Sound area. A large majority of these sites were found on the southwest side of Green Island growing amongst vast cattail wetlands and becoming quite large. A community cut was hosted by GBF Phragbusters at Green Island with a few volunteers from a local cottaging family. Table 13: Status of the 142 sites in Severn Sound and Port Severn. Total sites New Sites # of sites Eradicated/ Monitored # of sites Cut # of sites Controlled (Eradicated/ Monitored + Cut) # of sites Untreated % Eradicated/ Monitored % Cut % Control Severn Sound/Port Severn 142 59 34 32 66 76 24 23 47 Figure 31: Map of Severn Sound and Port Severn sites 2021.