2021 Invasive Phragmites Management. Georgian Bay Forever Report.

30 Georgian Bay Forever Phragmites Report 2021 Sans Souci and Copperhead, and the South Channel Katherine has been monitoring 36 sites over the years, and 22 are not present anymore! And it’s probably more than that. It has been challenging for Katherine to organize monitoring as COVID restrictions made it difficult for her to be in Georgian Bay for the last 2 summers. How has she helped accomplish this? Diligent effort over a lot of years. In 2018 and 2019, she worked with GBF (Heather Sargeant), the Woods Bay Association and Friends of Massasauga Park (Sue McPhedran), the South Channel (Peter Adams) to help Massasauga Park devise a plan and get resources to tackle sites using data accumulated from a Georgian Bay Land Trust grant. These combined efforts led to 10 of the 36 sites mentioned here being eradiated, as well as others in the park which you will read about later. She has also diligently managed other sites over the years with wonderful volunteers (Monique, Luc, Greg, Thomas, Brain, Beth, Peter, Matt, Madi, Teresa, Tom and others). This year, even with COVID limiting her time in the Bay, Katherine was able to do 2 cuts with Thomas Dancy. Hopefully, things are better next year and the 7 or so other sites on private property or crown land can get looked at. Thank you to Sans Souci and all the volunteers, and Katherine, Madi Ledsham, Tom Denune, Teresa Long, and Thomas Dancy for their known work this year in challenging conditions! A lot of progress made. And then there is Peter Adams in the South Channel. He has been leading and working with his community for years to eradicate invasive Phragmites, and with GBF in the 2018/2019 successful initiative to help Massasauga Park put together a plan and resources to manage Park coastal Phragmites (see below). Peter reported this year – that of the 11 sites he monitors – all of them were not appearing – they were gone! Thank you to Peter Adams and all the volunteers in the South Channel for their amazing work. Katherine Denune and Thomas Dancy tackle Phragmites in 2021 in Sans Souci Phragmites at Tranquility Island. Getting it early matters.