2021 Invasive Phragmites Management. Georgian Bay Forever Report.

31 Georgian Bay Forever Phragmites Report 2021 Moon River Heather Sargeant (GBF Communications Director and Woods Bay Association Director) has been diligently tackling Phragmites in Woods Bay and area over the years with amazing volunteers. A special shout out goes out to Sue McPhedran who in 2018/2019 was part of the GBF led coalition to successfully help the Park get resources to tackle Phragmites over the years. This year’s crew included many long-time Phragbusters : Urs Villager, Paul Sine, Cadi Reece, and Heather Sargeant. We missed our young crew – as COVID put a damper on trying to put too many events and crews together. And – there is less work ! But the work left is still physically demanding. There were also scary and challenging conditions – extreme heat, a sudden heavy downpour with lightning, and heavy underwater brush. But we made it through! The Moon River phragbusters are happy to report There are 10 sites in the coastal Woods Bay area. ü 6 sites gone and being monitored (2 by Parks). Thx past helpers. ü 3 sites cut by the woods Bay Phagbusting crew in 2020 (the remaining 1 looked like it has been partially cut by owner) Some scenes Phragbusting in Woods Bay.