2021 Invasive Phragmites Management. Georgian Bay Forever Report.

32 Georgian Bay Forever Phragmites Report 2021 Point au Baril Islander’s Association (PaBIA) – Marine Patrol GBF joined Point au Baril’s Marine Patrol in July to conduct an invasive Phragmites refresher workshop with returning Marine Patrol students who have done a great job in managing Phragmites in Point au Baril. In August, GBF Project Coordinator and 2 summer staff returned to Point au Baril for a day in the field and to better understand the area. Point au Baril has 7 sites in the eradicated or monitoring stage and only 3 very small sites that needed to be cut this year by the Marine Patrol. It will be crucial to continue to monitor the area next year, but we don’t expect to see any significant re-growth. The Point au Baril sites are included in our total Township of the Archipelago count. Figure 33: GBF Phragbusters Sean and Jared joining the Point au Baril Marine Patrol, Tom and Chris. Massasauga Provincial Park The following update was provided from the Phragmites Australis 2021 written report by Ethan Priaulx and Silos Betts from Massasauga Provincial Park: The majority of the sites in Massasauga Provincial Park have been previously controlled and there has been very little regrowth in the past. This season, staff monitored each of these sites and found some sites contained shoots decaying below the surface while others had grown new shoots. Two sites were in need of removal this summer using the cut to