2021 Invasive Phragmites Management. Georgian Bay Forever Report.

37 Georgian Bay Forever Phragmites Report 2021 MTO Continued. Their plan for 2021 (needs confirmation of what was accomplished) Poll results from Municipal/First Nations Roads Webinar – Attendance and Questions: -Shows much more funding and directed/trained resources need to be allocated to municipalities to more on their roads, and they are looking for much better communication from MTO ü Reach results of webinar - 118 registrants (rough break down 54 municipalities out of a possible 82, 4 First Nations, 8 organizations). ü Intention results - Learning= 42% said they learned a lot, 52% said they learned some new info, only 3% (1 person) said they did not learn anything new but already did road Phragmites management, and 1 person said that they would not act ü Within webinar - provided suggested resolutions for municipalities to help improve management action of this invasive. Aside from asking for execution in the webinar, our partner, the ToA sent the resolutions to every municipality in Ontario. ü Road Management: According to the in-webinar polls, 89% know there is invasive Phragmites on the roads (11% don’t know), but only 40% have a road management plan in place. ü Question: Do you know how to manage invasive Phragmites on the roads? Or know where to go for more info. o Answer: 40% - Yes; 46% -More comfortable, but need more info; 14% - No ü Question: Do you know who to reach out to coordinate Phragmites management in areas where the province and your roads might overlap? o Answer: 66% - Yes; 34% - No ü Would it be helpful to have MTO representation at these meetings? o Answer: 98% - Yes; 2% - No Georgian Bay Forever and its partners will continue to push when and where possible for improving management on roads because they are a spread vector to coasts.