2021 Invasive Phragmites Management. Georgian Bay Forever Report.

3 Georgian Bay Forever Phragmites Report 2021 Highlights As of 2021, we are seeing nearly 50% eradication across the Township of the Archipelago, Township of Georgian Bay and Tay Township with a plan of 90% eradication by 2025 if funding and support continue at requested levels. With this plan, Phragmites could be so diminished by 2025 that we can expect coastal communities to be well equipped to manage any leftover stands and new stands that may appear. With the additional stands found across the 1,800 hectares of Matchedash Bay, we are at 45% eradication, which is still 5% higher than in 2020, and a total count of 904 stands. v GBF staff mapped a total of 904 invasive Phragmites sites in the summer of 2021 v 198 new stands identified due to an increase in mapping efforts including our newly explored area, Matchedash Bay. v 403 sites of the 904, or 45%, are eradicated v 279 or 31% of sites were cut by GBF staff and volunteers v 682, or 75% of sites are under control (eradicated/monitored and cut) by GBF v ~325 volunteer hours dedicated (following COVID-19 protocols) In 2019 GBF developed a 5-year plan to aim for 90% eradication by 2025 of the original 588 stands mapped. Due to GBFs successful efforts, we have been able to relocate our time and efforts in new areas leading to the increase in number of stands. Thank you to our 2021 Phragbusters Sean Mullin, Jared McNabb, David Grgas-Hastings and Adam Rupik for spending their summer removing invasive Phragmites from Georgian Bay, spreading awareness and educating the community.