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Anyone who has experienced a Georgian Bay sunset knows what it’s like to share a profound connection with those pristine waters, towering trees, and beautiful coastal shorelines. But Georgian Bay is so much more than that. Our coastal wetlands are home to 80 per cent of the Great Lakes’ 3,500 species and are considered to be among the most productive and diverse ecosystems in the world. As people who live, work or play on the Bay, we have all been entrusted with its care. Growing threats from climate change, pollution, and invasive species, however, are placing our waters at risk.
Learn more about GBF’s scientific work on water levels, water quality and ecosystems and how it is making a difference in the long-term viability of Georgian Bay.
Preserving and protecting these essential waters is at the heart of what we do at Georgian Bay Forever, so that they remain healthy, safe and secure for generations to come. Solely supported through the generosity of our donors, our small, but influential organization has drawn international attention for our work and plays a key role in informing important environmental policy in Canada and the United States through accredited scientific research projects and public education.
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Bringing focus to our scientific and educational work

If we could use one word to sum up GBF’s activities in 2015, it would be “resolve”. We generated new solutions to our pillars of interest on water levels, water quality and ecosystems, expanded our outreach to raise awareness of our activities, and added clarity and focus to guide our work in the years ahead.

Advancing GBF Priorities

Significant effort was made this year to ensure GBF’s work truly reflects the entire Bay community. Among the many priority projects we undertook was an engineering study to recommend climate resilient structural options for managing water levels within the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River System, ongoing work on a standardized water quality protocol to support consistent data collection to help inform water research and government decision-making, and a community mobilization initiative to help eradicate invasive Phragmites which are threatening our precious coastal wetlands. Initiatives like these demonstrate how our investments are truly making a difference in protecting life as we know it on the Bay, and how our work on water levels, water quality and ecosystems is all inter-connected in some way.

Strengthening our future

Working together with our Board, we developed a new strategic plan to help prioritize our work and guide our decision-making over the next three years. We updated our vision and mission statements and identified seven strategic priorities and associated projects to help move our work forward. Among these is a commitment to clarify our role within the GB-5 in response to feedback from stakeholders, and to further build our profile through enhanced communication.

We have already taken steps on the latter by adding a full-time communications role to our team, updating our website, and enhancing our social media presence in order to educate as many people as we can about water issues, climate change and threats to Georgian Bay and the Great Lakes. This has further expanded GBF’s outreach and influence as indicated by the 10 per cent increase in new donors who contributed to the close to $500,000 we received in donations this year.

GBF ended 2015 with a modest financial deficit. This was a carefully planned shortfall that allowed us to invest in The Search for New Solutions study on water level management, and to expand communications and education. These are responsible investments that will result in long-term benefits for the Bay and lay a strong foundation for our work in 2016 and beyond.

Acknowledging our partners

Our work would not be possible without the support of our many partners, donors, and community volunteers who share our passion for keeping the Bay’s waters and ecosystems healthy and thriving. A special shout out to our colleagues at the Georgian Bay Association on their milestone 100th Anniversary! We also wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to former board chair, Brenda Drinkwalter, who worked tirelessly during her two-year term to advance our mandate and raise GBF’s profile, and retiring board member Hugh McLelland, who served on the GBF board for many years.

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As we move forward with some exciting new projects in 2016, we hope you will join us and support us in the year ahead to protect Georgian Bay’s precious waters.

Peter Singer
Board Chair

David Sweetnam
Executive Director

Board of Directors

Meet the men and women who so generously volunteered their time in 2015 to help GBF advance our mission.

Find out about the committees on which they served.

“Georgian Bay Forever is a shining example of a charitable organization that connects communities with important issues and engages people in action. In the 20 years you have been in existence, you have had a remarkable impact championing Georgian Bay water quality and ecosystem protection.”

The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
Keynote speaker at GBF’s Vital Signs IV, April 2015

Exploring structural solutions to regulate water levels

While water levels are slightly higher than long-term average levels once again, it’s important to remember the devastating impact of the low water levels we experienced in 2012/13. We know from the International Joint Commission’s International Upper Great Lakes Study, that climate change will continue to make our lakes vulnerable to fluctuating water levels in years to come, and from the GBF and and Council of the Great Lakes Region funded Mowat Centre study, Low Water Blues , that this will have serious economic and ecological repercussions for the Great Lakes over the long-term. Building on this important work, GBF identified the need to develop structural solutions to mitigate water level extremes – higher highs and lower lows.

Water levels

We retained AECOM, a highly respected global engineering firm, to explore, assess and recommend contemporary, climate resilient structural options for managing the water levels of Lake Michigan-Huron and Georgian Bay. Managing Water Levels in the Great Lakes: The Search for New Solutions was one of GBF’s most significant and high impact investments this year. With the firm’s final report set to be released in 2016, we will be sharing the results with Canadian and U.S. decision-makers and opinion leaders who have the ability to act on the recommendations.

Partner: AECOM
Learning from the historical impact of water level extremes

During Phase 2 of our strategic partnership with the NASA DEVELOP Program at the Langley Research Center in Virginia and the Great Lakes St. Lawrence River Cities Initiative, we used satellite imagery captured between the high levels in May 1987 and the low levels in June 2013 to measure the impact of varying water levels on wetlands.

Learn more.

Results indicate a net loss of 3.8 per cent to the Bay’s coastal wetlands, with a 7 per cent wetland gain in the North and a 10.8 per cent wetland loss in the South. As outlined in this GBF-guided study, changing water levels can have serious consequences for water quality, fish communities, native waterfowl and wildlife, and tourism, all of which depend on healthy and thriving wetlands to survive. In 2016, we will explore how we can transfer the methods used in this project to other areas around the Great Lakes.

Partners: NASA DEVELOP Program , Great Lakes St. Lawrence Cities Initiative

Standardizing water quality testing to support important research

Based on our discussions with key stakeholders, water quality remains a top priority for those who live, work and play on the Bay. Building on our water quality monitoring work with the Township of Georgian Bay, GBF continued its two-year partnership project with the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve and other key partners to harmonize water-testing protocols across the Bay.

This work will help us to provide Township and cottage association volunteers with standardized tools to track water quality data in a similar and comparative manner to better inform water quality research and government decision-making. These tools will replace the more than 15 different water quality-monitoring programs currently in use on the Bay, which make scientific comparisons between regions challenging.

A standardized water testing protocol will also allow us to compare our findings with other coastal monitoring programs through the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change’s Lake Partner Program. This work is set to be completed in 2017. The results will be highlighted in the next State of the Bay report for Eastern and Northern Georgian Bay, slated for publication in 2018.

State of the Bay

Partners: Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve , Severn Sound Environmental Association , Environment Canada

Your support makes it possible for GBF to fund important research

Thanks to the generosity of GBF donors who supported the purchase of our 19’ boat, the Baykeeper, we are able to assist the work of researchers who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the resources they need to complete their work. Learn more about donating.


Thank you
The Great Lakes Community Guardian Fund
The Schad Foundation
Lake Simcoe South Eastern Georgian Bay Clean-up Fund

Applying leading edge tools to monitor water quality

The completion of a three-year Water Quality Program redesign in the Township of Georgian Bay marked GBF’s first use of microbial source tracking, a novel diagnostic tool used to help identify whether the source of microbial contaminants (e.g., bacteria, parasites, viruses) in our waters are human or animal.

The final report , released in 2016, shows that contaminant levels in the Township’s water from birds, humans and pets are well below the water quality standard limits for Ontario, which should give the population confidence that the systems the Township currently has in place are working well.

Partner: Township of Georgian Bay
Predicting the release of toxic algae blooms

GBF is always pleased when we can support the research of others like University of Toronto Professor Maria Dittrich. She and her students were able to collect samples and perform microsensor measurements in Honey Harbour thanks to GBF’s cooperation. Their study of the make-up of sediment in Honey Harbour and its capacity to release phosphorous into the water will move us closer to predicting the risk for toxic algae blooms in south-eastern Georgian Bay.

The team used data from GBF’s paleolimnological study to establish baseline conditions for the sediment, and will benefit from data collected during an Environment Canada study conducted at the same time. Results of the studies will be released in 2016 and the team’s final report will be submitted in May 2017. Learn More.

Mobilizing our communities to eliminate invasive species

Never underestimate the power of community. Following 2014’s highly successful pilot project to eradicate invasive Phragmites in Eastern Georgian Bay, GBF expanded its reach in 2015 to 16 communities from Collingwood to the North Channel. With the help of the Georgian Bay Association, we educated, trained and mobilized teams of volunteer “phragbusters”, helping them to remove more than 8,000 kg of Phragmites and take the first important steps towards eliminating this serious threat to our ecosystems.

The devastating impact of Phragmites can be seen along more than 8,000 km of shoreline and 3,700 km of aquatic marshes in the southern, eastern and northern portions of the Bay where it is quickly displacing local flora, fauna and fish habitats, and taking over our beaches. Ongoing community-based action is the only means available to eliminate this invasive species.

Equipped with the right knowledge and training, these communities now have the capacity to wipe out this menacing plant over the next four to five years through annual removal of any new growth. Learn more.

Partners: Georgian Bay Association , Cottage Associations, Community Volunteers, RBC Blue Water Project, Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority , Environment Canada .
Using DNA barcoding to detect how changes impact ecosystems

Building on work we started with the University of Guelph in 2012, we continue to take a leadership role in the Great Lakes region to support the development of an aquatic biodiversity library for the Bay. Using sophisticated Canadian-developed DNA bar coding, GBF is collecting samples to rapidly and cost-effectively identify all living organisms and species living in the Bay.

This work will allow us to monitor how stressors of the ecosystem impact diversity and the food web over time and will aid in identifying hot spots in need of protection. A progress report on the status of this project will be released in 2016 with a focus on the impact of open cage aquaculture on water quality and the food web.

Partner: University of Guelph
Seeking new habitats for the survival of declining fish species.

With Walleye, Lake Sturgeon and Sucker species on the decline in certain areas of Eastern Georgian Bay, GBF is partnering with the Eastern Georgian Bay Stewardship Council on their 32-month project to survey 8 to 10 tributaries within the Parry Sound District.

Using lakebed mapping, aerial and underwater photography, water flow and other measurements, we are assessing the suitability of these tributaries for restorative work to enhance spawning, rearing, nursery and foraging habitats for these species. GBF is supporting this initiative through fieldwork involving our staff, boat and sounding equipment. In 2015, we began work on the Blackstone, Seguin, Shebeshekong and Shawananga Rivers, with plans to expand and include the Magnetawan, Key, Pickerel and French Rivers, Sucker’s Creek and potentially the Naiscoot River by 2018.

Partners: Eastern Georgian Bay Stewardship Council, Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve , Upper Great Lakes Management Unit , Environment Canada

Georgian Bay Forever Circle - A New Recognition Program for our Generous Donors

The Georgian Bay Forever Circle was officially launched in the spring of 2015 and recognizes, in perpetuity, donors who have reached a lifetime giving level of $15,000 or more.

As part of the launch of this new recognition program, Georgian Bay Forever hosted an appreciation event for our generous donors in October 2015. It was a wonderful opportunity to thank our extraordinary donors for sharing our quest to ensure that Georgian Bay remains drinkable, swimmable and fishable for generations to come.

To find out more about becoming a member of the Georgian Bay Forever Circle or, if you are interested in making an additional gift, please contact David Sweetnam, Executive Director, at 905-880-4945 ext. 1.

GBF is pleased to recognize the members of the Georgian Bay Forever Circle for their total lifetime contributions.


    Great Lakes Basin Conservancy, Inc.
    RBC Foundation


$100,000 - $249,999
    The CSL Group Inc.
    Doug and Ruth Grant
    Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.
    Jackman Foundation
    The McLean Foundation
    The Schad Foundation


$50,000 - $99,999
    Echo Foundation
    The Geoff Hyland Family
    The Langar Foundation
    The Judy and Wilmot Matthews Foundation
    Marye McCaig
    Anthony Munk and Amie Rocket Munk
    Robin and Robert Ogilvie
    The W. Garfield Weston Foundation
    Bruce Power


$25,000 - $49,999
    Brian and Janey Chapman
    The Catherine and Fredrik Eaton Foundation
    Peter Hatcher and Family
    Robert Hay and Family
    Michael and Jacquie Green
    John Honderich
    Ernest Howard
    Roger Jones and Joanne Muther-Jones
    Peter and Margie Kelk
    The Harold A. Kopas Family Foundation
    Lloyd’s Register Canada Ltd.
    Ruth Mandel – WHO GIVES Fund
    Mason Family Foundation
    The McDonald Family
    Michael McCain
    Hugh and Sylvia McLelland
    Jeffrey Orr and Suzanne Legge
    Francie and John Pepper
    John and Penny Pepperell
    The Ruby Family
    William and Meredith Saunderson
    Peter and Cathie Singer
    Larry Smith
    Sterling Marine Fuels
    Philip and Eli Taylor
    Jan Ruby and Mary Thomson
    John and Josie Watson
    The Michael Young Family Foundation


$15,000 - $24,999
    Algoma Central Corporation
    David and Shelagh Blenkarn
    Derek and Nancy Bowen
    Tony and Janet Burt
    The Carrick Family
    James and Erica Curtis
    Philip Deck and Kimberley Bozak
    Fednav Limited
    The Charles and Rita Field-Marsham Foundation
    Mary-Elizabeth Flynn
    Donald Guloien and Irene Boychuk
    Renata Humphries
    John Irving and Janet Turnbull-Irving
    Robert and Patricia Lord
    Paul and Martha McLean
    James Meekison and Carolyn Keystone
    Frank and Patricia Mills
    Hugh and Ada Morris
    Christopher Pfaff
    Bill and Carol Prior
    Gail and Tim Regan
    Margot Roberts and David Williamson
    David Roffey and Karen Walsh
    Jennifer Rogers
    Robert and Valerie Thompson
    Cameron Wardlaw
    Michael Wenben and Virginia Froman
    Sandy Wood and Don Darroch

2015 GBF Supporters

Georgian Bay Forever is grateful to all of our donors and sponsors who make all that we do to protect the waters of Georgian Bay possible. More than 80 per cent of your contributions go directly to one of our many research and education projects that are aimed at informing water levels management, maintaining water quality, and protecting the ecosystems of Georgian Bay.

We deeply appreciate everyone who donated to Georgian Bay Forever in 2015.


    RBC Foundation

$25,000 - $49,999

    Bruce Power
    Great Lakes Basin Conservancy, Inc
    Sterling Marine Fuels Ltd.
    Philip and Eli Taylor

$5,000 - $24,999

    Jennifer Bannock
    David & Shelagh Blenkarn
    Derek & Nancy Bowen
    Tony & Janet Burt
    Gordon & Harriet Cummings
    Philip Deck & Kimberley Bozak
    The Catherine & Fredrik Eaton Charitable Foundation
    The Charles & Rita Field-Marsham Foundation
    Mary-Elizabeth Flynn
    Doug & Ruth Grant
    Michael & Jacquie Green
    Donald Guloien & Irene Boychuk
    John Honderich
    Ernest Howard
    Renata Humphries
    The Geoff Hyland Family
    Roger Jones & Joanne Muther-Jones
    The Harold A. Kopas Family Foundation
    The Langar Foundation
    LeVan Family Foundation
    Mason Family Foundation
    The Judy & Wilmot Matthews Foundation
    Marye McCaig
    The McDonald Family
    Anthony Munk & Amie Rocket-Munk
    Robin & Robert Ogilvie
    Jeffrey Orr & Suzanne Legge
    Margot Roberts & David Williamson
    William & Meredith Saunderson
    The Schad Foundation
    Peter & Cathie Singer
    Robert & Valerie Thompson
    Sandy Wood & Don Darroch
    The Michael Young Family Foundation

$2,500 - $4,999

    Sted & Robin Garber
    Peter Hatcher & Family
    John Irving & Janet Turnbull-Irving
    Jackman Foundation
    Peter & Marjorie Kelk
    Jay & Katherine Kraner
    Sue McNamara
    Gail &Tim Regan

$1,000 - $2,499

    Murray & Susan Armitage Foundation
    Clair Balfour & Marci McDonald
    Paul Brisbois & Sandi Campbell
    Michael & Maureen Douglas
    Richard & Dawn Drayton
    John & Jennifer Ferguson
    Joseph Green
    John & Patricia Hardy
    Adam Howard & Janet Neilson
    S. Jean & Harold Koetsier-Adams
    Bill Linton & Marilynne Day-Linton
    Robert & Patricia Lord
    Dougal & Barbara Macdonald
    Paul & Martha McLean
    Hugh & Sylvia McLelland
    William & Mary Elizabeth Morris
    Evelyn Newell
    John & Francie Pepper
    Point Pleasant Marina
    Lloyd & Pat Posno
    Alison Prentice
    Queen's Cove Marina
    Rick & Anne Randell
    Robert & Carolin Shepherd
    Lawrence & Judith Ward
    John & Josie Watson
    Thomas Williams

$500 - $999

    Amy Beament
    Vince & Jennifer Berretta
    James & Maureen Cooper
    William Cunningham
    Brenda Drinkwalter
    Katherine Freygang
    Brian & Carol Grant
    Jon & Shelagh Grant
    Glen & Beth Heintzman
    Barbara Hyland
    Sam Kohn & Mary Ciolfi-Kohn
    Gavin & Jan Langmuir
    John & Carol Macfarlane
    MacFeeters Family Fund at the Toronto Foundation
    Jerry & Jane McIntosh
    June McLean
    Blake & Janet Murphy
    John Rhind
    R.G.H. Robertson
    Rose Point Marina
    Chester Sandberg
    Edward Simmonds
    Mark Smith & Anne Larson
    Sonja Stewart
    Emma Sweetnam
    Michael & Melinda Tabor
    Michael Wenban & Virginia Froman
    Ian Werker & Janet Saunderson
    George & Helen Will
    Donald & Sandra Wilson
    Robert & Fran Woodrooffe

$250 - $499

    Peter & Nora Adamson
    William & Elizabeth Ash
    Donald & Elizabeth Bartlett
    Fred & Dorothy Beattie
    Mary Boeckh
    Clayton & Amber Bunn
    Alison & Gregory Scott Butler
    Clive & Mary Chamberlain
    Tom & Christine Claflin
    Brian Clark
    Sondra Cornett
    David Cranmer
    James & Erica Curtis
    Douglas Derry
    D'Arcy Doherty
    Karen Fergus
    Jean Friedel

$250 - $499 (cont.)

    Ed & Kathy Garner
    John & Elizabeth Hackett
    Mary Claire & George Heintzman
    Ann Herring
    John & Laura Hughes
    Robert & Mary Lee
    David & Mary Lord
    Margaret Mackenzie
    John & Adrienne Mars
    Bill & Claire Middleton
    Joseph & Gillian Mitchell
    Jessie O'Neill
    Britton & Arani Osler
    Dr. Perry Phillips
    Jonathan Pintwala
    Michael & Sheila Royce
    Rosemary Short
    South Channel Association
    David Sweetnam & Debra Archibald
    Ronald Till & Sheila Lee
    Phillip & Maureen Tingley
    Sarah White
    Judith Yohe

$1 - $249

    John & Wendy Abbott
    Norman Abbott
    William & Jane Abbott
    Pamela Aitken
    Sandra Andrews
    Harvey & Mary Armstrong
    Victoria Athanassiou
    Arnold Bailey
    Peter & Nancy Baines
    Sandy Baker

    Robert & Sinikka Barker
    Donald & Mary Barron
    William Bartram
    Derek Bate
    Charles & Kathleen Beck
    Todd Beckett
    Elizabeth Bell
    Jodi Bellaera
    Ann Bennett
    David Bennett
    Cathy Bentley
    Jurg & Gisela Berchtold
    Audrey Best
    Thomas Bogardus
    Peter & Rita Boruta
    Shelagh Bowden
    Derek Brackley & Sara Menzel
    Ernest & Gloria Bradford
    Rosalind Bradford
    Steven & Kathryn Bradford
    Paul & Frances Breithaupt
    Jack & Lani Broadbent
    David & Sonja Brown
    Douglas & Helen Bryce
    Peter Bryce
    Jean & Donald Butler
    Daniele Caloz
    Neil & Judy Cameron
    Camp Osawa Ltd.
    Bruce & Noella Campbell
    Ron & Mary Campeau
    Michael & Marjorie Carson
    Ross & SusanCarter
    Elizabeth Cates
    John & Margaret Catto
    Central East Region Judges
    Bruce & Dianne Christie
    Brian Clark
    Philip & Kay Clarke

$1 - $249 (cont.)

    Don & Ursula Cockburn
    Robert Conn
    David & Mary Copp
    James & Margaret Cowan
    Thomas Crerar
    Patsy Cross
    Nancy Cunningham
    Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Cunningham
    Thomas & Norma Dancy
    Kathleen Daniel
    Doug & Heather Daymond
    Jo Anne DeBiasio
    Roman & Virginia Dementavicius
    Vernon & Donna Deneault
    John Dick
    Benjamin & Molly Diesbach
    Al Donaldson
    Robert & Mary Lynne Eakin
    John & Jane Favret
    George & Kittie-Marie Fells
    Kurt & Cynthia Fischer
    Joan Fisher
    Robert & Anne Fisher
    Richard Forster
    Michael & Salme Foulds
    Bill Fowler & Mary Wolf
    Sandra Freedhoff
    Harold & Heidi Freure
    Ross & Jeanne Geddes
    Kate Gibson
    Mona Gibson

$1 - $249 (Cont.)

    Brian & Lucile Gille
    John & Catherine Gillespie
    Leigh & Lee Goodall
    Jamie Graham
    Donald & Gwen Grant
    Cyril Gryfe
    Angela Haberhauer
    Jean Hafner
    Elizabeth Hall-Findlay
    William & Marilyn Hance
    Carole Harrison & Toni Herrick
    Charles Haydock
    Lee & Barbara Headlee
    Margaret Hebert
    Frank Hedley
    Ian & Judy Henderson
    Virginia Heward
    Ashley & Wendy Hilliard
    Mark & Marilyn Hiseler
    Alen Holton
    Margaret & Roger Horton
    Diane Hughes
    Anne Hurlbut
    Judy Hurren
    Charles Irwin
    Dr. & Mrs. Tad Jacobs
    Jane Jeffrey
    Stephen & Elisabeth Jenks
    Duncan & Robyn Jones
    Milan & Ilja Kalis
    Rainer Kaufmann & Madeleine Arsenault
    Richard Kelley
    John & Patricia Keyser
    Charles King
    Raymond Knowles & Marquerite Doritty
    Ken Knuff
    Jeff & Cindy Kuchman
    Harlan & Elizabeth Lahti
    Nancy Langmuir
    John Lawson
    Pat Laycraft
    Reginald & Sheila Lewis
    Moira & Harland Lindsay
    Tom & Nancy Lofft
    Albert & Joan Longo
    Geoffrey Lowe
    Robert Lunan
    Henry & Heather Maag
    J.A. Macdonald
    Jim & Jill MacKenzie
    Joan MacRae
    Jane Maher
    Lindsay Maing
    Susan Main
    Jack & Sue Marley
    Elizabeth Martin
    David Martin
    Roger Matthews
    John McAllister
    William McCoy
    Rene & Carol McCron
    Ian & Maureen McGibbon
    John McKee & Lynn McLauchlin
    Margaret McLeish
    Marion McLeod
    Leslie Menikoff
    Ulrike & Erik Meyer
    David & Carolyn Middlebrook
    Karen Lea Milburn
    Greg Miller
    James Mills
    John & Pam Mitchell
    William & Sally Moore
    Dr. & Mrs. Donald Moylan
    Warren & Barbara Moysey
    Bill & Jan Mustard
    James Nancorrow & Alison Cooper
    Mr. & Mrs. David Newell
    Margaret Newell
    Dean & Elaine Nicholls
    Scott & Christina Northey
    Pam Parker
    Wendy Parker
    Barbara Parton
    Deborah Phillips
    George & Jean Podolsky
    Bill & Carol Prior
    Dr. Alexandra Costa Reich
    Ella Reynolds
    Jamie & Lindsay Richards
    Mary Richardson
    Murray Rideout
    W.M. Robbins
    Peter & Sewell Russell
    Frank & Ota Safertal
    Roma & Algi Sapijonis
    Heather Sargeant
    Peter Scandrett
    Mr. & Mrs. David Schatz
    Werner & Inge Schmalz
    Paul & Christel Schwarz
    David Scoon
    Greg Scott
    Peter & Diana Selover
    Eugene & Fran Shannon
    Jessica Shelley
    Tom Sherman & Nancy Middlebrook
    Dr. John Sieben
    Walter & Natalie Sloan
    Gordon Smith
    Peter & Dallis Smith
    Larry Smokorowski
    Carl & Jennifer Spiess
    Barbara Stefaniuk
    Charles Stewart III
    Timothy & Nalini Stewart
    Richard Stoner
    Duncan & Audrey Stratton
    William & Kathleen Sutherland
    Leo & Ella Sweetnam
    Nory Takata & Susan Sheard
    Vincent Tangredi
    Cleveland & Linda Thurber
    Steven Traplin & Krystyn Rutkowski
    George Trusler
    E.L. & Barbara Van Sickel
    John Vanstone
    Bob Watson
    Diana Watson
    Bill & Linda Watts
    Susan Waugh
    Robert Weekes
    Jeffrey Weitz
    Dave Whidden
    Patric Whitney & Camie Tang-Chang
    Ken & Gail Williams
    Mr. & Mrs. Neil Williams
    Shirley Wilson
    Steve Wilson
    Susan Wilson
    Alice Winn
    Wendy Wong
    Kim Woodhouse
    David & Lynne Woodward
    Claudette Young
    Merle & Sue Zoerb

Memories-are-forever gifts: Individuals listed below have had gifts made in their honour.

Donations In Memory

    Ed Adams Sr.
    Mike Bannon
    Jorge Ferreira
    John Bruce Jennings
    Bob Kraner
    Grace Kraner
    Edward Leslie
    Dr.Terry Mackenzie
    Douglas McLeish
    Bill Spaeth
    Phyllis Spaeth

Gifts In Honour

    Brenda Drinkwalter
    The Honourable John McIsaac
    Larry and Judy Ward

Responsible investments for long term benefits

A 10 per cent increase in new donors who, in addition to current donors, contributed to nearly $500,000 in donations in 2015. GBF ended 2015 with a carefully planned modest financial deficit; allowing for investments in the engineering options study and to further expand communications and education.

2015 builds a strong foundation for our work in 2016 and beyond.

Revenues and Expenditures

Financial Position

The Independent Auditor's Report of Georgian Bay Forever's 2015 Financials