Difference-Maker: Point Pleasant Marina

This business stepped up and took the pledge to reduce plastic waste and become a member of Georgian Bay Forever’s Plastic-Free Program.

The pledge includes taking a plastics waste audit and determining and working on actionable outcomes.

Thank you Point Pleasant Marina Limited

Recognized Actions:
1. Purchase 90% of oil in large recyclable steel drums to reduce packaging.
2. Ensure any new oil bottles the do purchase are recycled. PPM has created a drying rack for the bottles to drain on and even repurpose that drained oil for fogging engines in the fall before winter layup.
3. Purchase boat cleaning supplies in bulk to reduce packaging
4. Only use used boxes and bags for customers, no new bags of any kind are available!
5. Switched boat rope suppliers to reduce plastic packaging and their carbon footprint.

Other Actions:
6. PPM is 1 of 3 marinas in Ontario to hold a platinum rating through the Marina Green LeafTM Eco-Rating Program!
7. Utilize reusable clothes over disposable ones for cleaning.

More information

1. Want your business or organization to be a Plastic-Free-Georgian Bay Member? Please email nicole.dimond@gbf.org. Plastic-Free Georgian Bay is a campaign whose is to reduce plastic waste, expand public awareness about plastic pollution and show how everyone can act. GBF is looking to create a community of businesses, schools, and organizations around Georgian Bay, that are striving to reduce their plastic consumption and actively create change, together.

2. Learn about other Plastic-Free Georgian Bay Members. Click Here

3. Want to learn more about the probelems with plastic waste, and what Georgian Bay Forever is doing? Learn more about our Diversion 2.0 Program. Click Here.

4. Learn more about the LICHTENHELDT family who own Point Pleasant Marina, and about their connection to Georgian Bay Forver. Click Here.

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