Free Washing Machine Filter

We need 100 more volunteers in Collingwood, The Blue Mountains, and Wasaga Beach areas to help us collect and measure the microwaste from laundering clothing.

Washing Machine Filters

Thank you for wanting to reduce microfibre/plastic waste shed from your clothes in the laundering process. It is an opportunity to participate in a project with 200 other Collingwood, Blue Mountains, and Wasaga Beach residents to see how much microwaste can be diverted from Georgian Bay with washing machine filters in the remaining 1 year. See how you qualify below.

Participating is important: microfibre contaminants are less than 5 mm in size and can shed off your clothes in the hundreds of thousands in just one wash. By volunteering to put a filter on your washing machine, you would SIGNIFICANTLY collect and divert your clothing microwaste going to wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) by as much as 89%. That's meaningful because although WWTP do a good job cleaning dirty water before putting it out to Georgian Bay - WWTP were not conceived or built to capture all the microwaste we have been putting down the drain. Sadly, billions of microfibres are getting into freshwater bodies like Georgian Bay and effecting the health of aquatic animals who think microfibres are food, and then that contamination moves up the food chain. Researchers have found microfibres in Great Lakes fish, 80% of tap water sampled, and in Great Lakes beer -it's in their water, and it is in yours - and the constant supply of it from washing our clothes CAN BE diverted from the water.

If you are in Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, or The Blue Mountains areas, see if you qualify for a free washing machine filter and are able to partipate in the remaining one year of the project.

Collingwood Volunteers put on filters
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the study. Individually I feel I can do so little as I watch the continuing degradation of the environment & our beautiful Bay, but by being part of a group study that has the potential to change the way we manufacture washing machines & capture microfibres before they reach our waterways, our fish & ultimately ourselves, it felt important. A much broader impact! Georgian Bay Forever has an impact that far exceeds its size. I am so grateful for the work you do & the leadership you have provided!
- Nancy Cunningham, volunteer

FAQ – If I qualify, what do I receive?

You will receive:
Washing Machine Filters

  • A FREE washing machine filter (Wexco Filtrol 160 which retails for approximately $220). You can keep the filter after the project completes.

  • FREE installation of the washing machine filter.

  • Instruction from GBF staff on how to maintain the filter (the filter bag requires emptying and cleaning approximatley every 3 weeks, but depends on your laundry usage). It is an easy step to add to your laundry routine. If you are unsure about any aspect of the filter please reach out we are here to help.We have helped over 300 families in Georgian Bay already install and use filters.

  • Membership in a community who receives information about how [your] particpation in this project is helping the broader effort to stem microfiber pollution to Georgian Bay in Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, and The Blue Mountains, and how these efforts are helping reduce microfibre pollution provincially, nationally, and internationally.

  • Want more information?

  • What is Georgian Bay Forever (GBF)? GBF is a registered Canadian charity focused to the protection of the water. For more information on our purpose and mission, visit this link.
  • More background information on microplastics and microfibres. Click here.
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  • I want to support filters being built into future washing machines so that many more people can stop microfibre waste from getting into the water. Click here.
  • See how the Parry Sound community demonstrated that washing machine filters used by a community significantly reduce microwaste emissions into the water. Click here.
  • Thank you to these funders who have make the Divert and Capture Collingwood program possible. The views expressed herein are solely those of Georgian Bay Forever.

    Charles H. Ivey Foundation
    JP Bickell Foundation
    The LeVan Family
    Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics
    Great Lakes Local Action Fund
    Hodgson Family Foundation
    The Weston Family Foundation
    Georgian Bay Forever donors

    We also want to thank these valuable partners:
    The Town of Collingwood
    The Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority
    Blue Mountain Watershed Trust
    University of Toronto Trash Team