Research and Projects

Ecosystems. Georgian Bay features a large number of coastal wetlands, considered to be among the most productive and diverse ecosystems on Earth, and which support a wider array of species than is found in most other parts of the Great Lakes. In recognition of its environmental significance Georgian Bay is cradled between two UNESCO World Biosphere Reserves. This jewel in the Great Lakes crown, however, is at greater risk than ever before. Persistent and increasing stressors such as overuse, climate change, including global warming and extreme weather, as well as invasive species, pollution, toxic substances and contaminants are all having a dramatic impact on the health of The Bay.

It is so critical that we do everything we can to properly preserve, manage and protect the ecosystems of Georgian Bay.

Our Mandate

Our goal? To preserve and protect the water of Georgian Bay and the creatures it is home to with thorough scientific process and research that answers and raises important questions to get to the right solutions. In the process, we also protect our health, safety and quality of life, which, like the region’s economic future, all rely heavily on the permanent presence, quantity and quality of these essential waters.

Here are the projects we are tackling around ecosystems:

Ongoing: Community-based invasvie Phragmites control project
NEW:Divert and Capture. To divert microplasticsfrom aquatic ecosystems and out of our precious water.
Ongoing: Research that examines the effects of Net-Pen Aquaculture in Georgian Bay
Ongoing: DNA barcoding to have a record of the aquatic biodiversity that scientists can use to save it
Completed, ongoing relevance. NASA Wetlands Inventory Study
Waiting for Final Report: Georgian Bay tributaries fish habitat assessment
Ongoing: Reporting on the State of the Bay