GBF 2019 Phrag Report

12 Lily Pond The Invasive Phragmites Control Center (IPCC) and Green Streams were contracted by Georgian Bay Forever for the second year in a row to Lily Pond, Honey Harbour. One machine and two staff members arrived on September 11 th and worked for 2 days accomplishing a lot. Looking at figure below, the truxor tackled the large patch, and the two small areas were completed by a manual Stihl cutting machine. It is estimated that around 2 hectares of invasive Phragmites was controlled in 2019 over the two days and 7,070 kilograms was removed. The only regrowth from 2018 was along the shoreline because the drowning method was not as effective due to little water in that area. Due to the success from 2018 we saw under 15% regrowth in 2019. Township of Georgian Bay (Lily Pond, in Honey Harbour)