GBF 2019 Phrag Report

1 Table of Contents Content Page Numbers Overv iew 2 -4 Overv iew Char ts 2019: S i tes mapped and managed, and volunteer engagement 3 Overv iew Maps : Where we are now in 2019 and Where we aim to be in 2025 4 Invas i ve Phragmi tes 101 - Brief summary about invasive Phragmites and how it is managed on the coasts 5 Tay Township 6-8 The Township of Georg ian Bay 9-19, overview (9-10) Honey Harbour 10-11 L i l y Pond (Honey Harbour ) 12-13 Char t summary of Present I s land, Quarry I s land, Wol ver ine Beach to Macey ’ s Bay 14 Char t summary of Severn Sound to Por t Severn 15 Georgian Bay Nat ional I s lands Park 15 Cognashene 16 Twel ve Mi le (and Mani tou) 17,18 Wah Wah Taysee (and Mani tou) 17,19 The Township of The Archipelago 20-25, overview (20-21) Woods Bay 22 Sans Souc i and Copperhead 23 The South Channel 23 Bayf ield Nares 24 The Massasauga Park 25 Pointe au Bar i l 25 Other Communi t ies and Stakeholders 26 Magnetawan F irst Nations, West Carling , B lue Water Wasaga , Giants Tomb, Beauso le il F irst Nations- Christian Island 26 DNA anal ys i s of samples (hybr ids?) 27 Ontar io Mini st ry of Transpor tat ion Update 28 Conc lus ion 29 Amaz ing Suppor ters and Funders of thi s Program 30