GBF 2019 Phrag Report

22 Woods Bay Woods Bay phragfighters have been successfully phragbusting for years, and this year was no exception. The support over the years from community members, the Woods Bay Community Association, the Friends of The Massasauga Park, the Massasauga Park and GBF are truly to be commended for this beautiful part of Georgian Bay. In 2019, Heather Sargeant, Woods Bay seasonal resident and communications director for GBF, re- mapped Woods Bay and surrounding areas, chased information and organized the local effort. Thank you especially to the volunteers! There are 10 sites in the Woods Bay area. Here are the results and observations: ü 5 sites gone. On average takes about 3 years. 1 st year is the worst. ü 2 old sites were cut by Heather and volunteer Charlotte Mensforth. This was about the 3rd year of cuts on those sites – very few bundles – the process is working and these should be gone this year or next. ü 2 new ones were discovered/ mapped this year that look to be about 2 years old. 1 was cut by 4 volunteers and Heather; on the other, the owner is aware and got instruction on how to remove. It will be checked next year. ü 1 in the Moon Bay area was newly found – Heather will talk to the shoreline property owner in 2020. The Archipelago (cont.)