GBF 2019 Phrag Report

23 Sans Souc i and Copperhead, and The South Channe l There are legendary community leaders in the battle against invasive Phragmites in these communities: Katherine Denune and Peter Adams. Under their example, and with their help, these communities and their respective community association have enlisted very dedicated volunteers to help tackle this threat to the beauty and functionality of the shorelines. In 2019, we want to especially thank Katherine, Peter, Beth, John, Brian, Thomas, Greg, Monique and Luc, and Matt – and we know there were others that we were not able to name. THANK YOU. Within these 3 communities, there are about 35 stands (approximately 14 of these being on the shorelines of The Massasauga Park). Of the 21 stands (not on Park shorelines) and in the general SSCA AND SCA area, here were the 2019 results: ü 5 appeared to not be present (i.e. eradicated) ü Approximately 14 cut, but much reduced verses prior years – likely many will be gone next year. Each stand takes about 2-5 years depending on size to be eradicated. • 2 were not able to be observed, and will be checked on next year The Archipelago (cont.)