GBF 2019 Phrag Report

28 Ministry of Transportation (MTO) • GBF helped review materials for The Township of The Archipelago’s (TOA) delegation in 2018 • GBF prepared MTO meeting materials and takeaways for a meeting with the Parliamentary Assistant for the Ministry of Transportation, MPP Vijay Thanigasalam on October 23, 2019. In 2019, GBF worked through several communications to MTO operational Levels to provide substantive information on mapping and control done in the North Eastern Region and Central Region. GBF analyzed information and delivered a gap analysis and recommendation for the TOA meeting on October in which GBF also presented to MPPs Thanigasalam and Miller and their staffs, under the organization of TOA’s Reeve Liverance and staff. • Currently, we are sharing the MTO gap analysis and TOA summary letter to other municipal partners and partner stakeholders. • We are expecting to hear a progress report on closing the gaps from MTO in early Spring 2020 or before. In summary, these are the general gaps identified and requested to be resourced or made more transparent: a) Consistent annual funding to map all inventory of invasive Phragmites every year. Some mapping of inventory in both the Central Region and North Eastern Region has been done in the past, but it seems inconsistent and not done in the most recent year. b) Consistent annual funding to analyze and present the invasive Phragmites mapping information every year - Allows for understanding of the scope and size of the threat, areas of treatment, and success of treatments. - Provide budget and resource allocation to share plans with municipalities (benefits - share mutual learnings, increase efficiencies, improve public understanding). c) Consistent annual funding for planning and treatment of all Phragmites stands mapped each year. - Rapid response will save money later