GBF 2019 Phrag Report

29 Conclusion Phragmites australis knows no boundaries, making it crucial to all work together, pool our resources and information, and work together towards the common goal of eradication. 2019 was another great example of working together! It was an extremely successful year thanks to volunteer participation and your support of Georgian Bay Forever. We are seeing reduction in the sites that have received treatment, and while the water levels remain high for next year, it is even more advantageous that community members, municipalities, ministries of the Ontario government, and National Parks work alongside GBF staff and volunteers on control so eradication is in the near future. Georgian Bay Forever is thankful for all the countless hours and dedication volunteers have put forward working towards the goal of eradication of Phragmites on the coasts. It can’t be done without your volunteerism and support. It should be noted that the proposed 5-year plans can only happen if necessary funding comes through. We will continue to do our best efforts in ensuring this happens and thank all past and future funders and individual donors help support GBF’s coastal Phragmites eradication 5 year plan. See our amazing funders on the next page. This map is what Georgian Bay could look like in 2025. This is a very different image compared to the start of this report. With a 5-year plan and dedicated people to ensure this happens we know it is within reach. Please consider donating today at .