GBF 2019 Phrag Report

6 Tay Township In 2019, GBF and community partners met the goal of cutting 26% of the sites identified and mapped. Tay Township has 155 active stands, GBF cut 40 sites removing 9840kg of biomass. Two local environmental post-secondary students were hired to protect the shorelines of Tay. They went door-to-door speaking about Phragmites and organizing large cuts and attended Tay Senior Day, Tay Bike Day, and Tay Canada Day Celebrations. They noted that the majority of citizens knew what Phragmites was, and were eager to help. There was high participation during the seven community cuts where citizens showed they were eager to learn and protect shorelines. Engaged, hard-working, and caring volunteers planned all of the community cuts, recruited volunteers, developed posters, went door-to-door, and helped manually remove the Phragmites . In total 54 volunteers committed over 400 hours of phragbusting to protect the Bay. These numbers are something to be proud about, but continued efforts need to go into the program to ensure we stay on top of this highly invasive plant in this area. To date, there are 40 stands that while reduced will need to be cut again, and 115 that have received no treatment. Additionally, in 2019 we mapped 43 more sites than 2018. This is not new growth - it is because we used the GBF Baykeeper boat to get to areas that are not visibly accessibly by foot. We know that each stand will take anywhere between 3-5 years to eradicate - and most on the longer side for Tay, as they are quite large, established root systems. Community Cuts : o Swan Lane o Twin Bridge Marina o Tay Trail o Delta Drive o Georgian Landing o Sturgeon Bay o Calvert Park Events Attended: o Tay Senior Day o Tay Bike Day o Tay Canada Day Celebrations