GBF 2019 Fall Newsletter

LORUM IPSUM TITLE 2 | FALL 2019 | GBF.ORG MESSAGE FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR AND CHAIR MEET OUR NEW CHAIR By Adam Chamberlain, Chair of Georgian Bay Forever Summer is over and it is raining acorns again. Your generous support of our research and edu- cation programs has been turned into actions to protect, restore and enhance our treasured Georgian Bay. It was great to see somany families take part in our Families For Change program. You’ll see the results later in this issue. We hope that your family will become a Families For Change teamand be motivated to live the changes we need tomake in our energy, fashion and lifestyle choices. Phragbusting season is almost over! Our students achieved great results this summer mapping more shoreline and saving many wetlands. We’ve managed to beat back the infestation in Cognashene to near zero infesta- tions—a fabulous example of a motivated com- munity taking action early. All of our previous treatment sites are showing the impacts of our cutting program. We are winning the war, but there are still more battles to fight. Rest up this winter so you can volunteer again next year! We have been very busy with our microfi- ber/microplastics diversion and shoreline clean- up projects with the enthusiastic support of over one hundred volunteer families. The University of Toronto teamhas collected the winter and summer treated wastewater samples to analyse the “before” baseline case tomeasure the effectiveness of the diversion filters. We will be determining if the volume of wastewater filtered from this many households is a sufficient sample size, but the question is, will it be large enough to see an impact signal in the treated waste water. Preliminary findings from our aquaculture research with the University of Guelph uncov- ered a surprise. We had selected 10 km distant “control” sites that we thought would be beyond the aquaculture operation’s impact radius. To our surprise, we saw impact signatures in the control sites that might mean that native fish populations are travelling much farther than expected. We’ll need to track fish next year, but if proven true, the radius of impacts are far larger than anyone thought. More at I hope you learn something new in this issue. Thank you for your passion to protect our Bay. So this is my first newsletter as Chair of the GBF Board of Directors. I am lucky to be taking on this role at a time that the organization has matured and is supported by a strong and vital staff and a dedicated group of volunteers, both on the board and otherwise. On behalf of GBF, I have to take a second to thank our outgoing Chair, Anne Randell, who has done such a fantastic job. We (and I) owe her our deep thanks and appreciation. We continue work in many important areas including the fight to “manage” inva- sive species that threaten Georgian Bay and initiatives to protect the waters of the Bay from microplastics and other threats. We also have acquired new technology to apply to water quality projects and improve data collection. I continue to enjoy Georgian Bay thanks in large part to the efforts of others. In my case, some of the “others” are those who have come before. My great-grandfather William Smith, with his brother George, came to the bay in the early 1900’s (when it was way harder to get to) and found two Islands. George purchased what is now Smith’s Island near Cognashene (we call it Island 62) while in 1914 William purchased Island 61 immediately to the south (Island 1800 in the new numbering system). William’s descendants, including my grandmother (Margaret Saunderson) and my mother (Mary Chamberlain) maintained the tradition of summering on the Bay with their families and now we do the same. We are part of a large "Smith" clan that includes various family names that are familiar to this part of Georgian Bay: Drinkwater, Saunderson, Edwards, Halpenny, Bannister, Finn, Bolsby, Spring Chamberlain and Smith (of course). It is not all that unusual for some of us to meet people only to realize later in a conversation that we are related—through our mutual fam- ily connections on the Bay. What is truly wonderful is that we are still coming back— to this incredible corner of the world. I look forward to meeting and speaking to you as GBF Chair. If we happen to be related, please let me know! Georgian Bay Forever is a community response to the growing need for major research and education to sustain the Georgian Bay aquatic ecosystem and the quality of life its communities and visitors enjoy. We help monitor the Bay’s well being, throughout the seasons, year after year. We fund the research needed to protect the environmental health of Georgian Bay and the surrounding bodies of water. Using our research findings, we inform and educate the general public and governments about threats to environmental health and propose possible solutions. Through workshops, seminars and online, we are educating the Georgian Bay community. By teaming up with reputable institutions, we enhance the credibility of our research and strengthen our ability to protect what’s at stake. Georgian Bay Forever is a registered Canadian charity (#89531 1066 RR0001). We work with the Great Lakes Basin Conservancy in the United States, as well as other stakeholder groups all around the Great Lakes. Deeply rooted and broadly drawn, Georgian Bay Forever is steered by lifelong devotees of the Bay. We are committed advocates, educators, environmentalists, realists, idealists, and of course, residents. DIRECTORS EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR David Sweetnam OUR CONTACT DETAILS Georgian Bay Forever PO Box 75347, Leslie St., Toronto, ON M4M 1B3 tel: 905-880-4945 You can reach David Sweetnam, our Executive Director, at or at 905-880-4945, ext 1. Canadian citizens may send their donations to the address above. U.S. citizens wishing to make a donation to support our work can do so by giving to: Great Lakes Basin Conservancy PO Box 504, Gates Mills, OH 44040-0504, USA This newsletter is just a snapshot of our work. For the most up-to-date information on our projects, longer versions of newsletter articles and breaking news about Georgian Bay, please become a regular visitor to our website and Facebook page. GBF.ORG Design by Key Gordon ( ) Editor: Heather Sargeant Follow us on Derek Bowen Helen Bryce Janet Burt Adam Chamberlain, Chair Terry Clark Paul Emond Jennifer Ferguson Doug Heintzman Neil Hutchinson Anne Randell Laren Stadelman Joe Tucker SUPPORT INTO ACTION By David Sweetnam, Executive Director