GBF 2021 - Fall Newsletter

GBF notes: In the Township of The Archipelago, waterborne transportation accounts for 76.1% of greenhouse gas emissions. Source: The Georgian Bay Biosphere (GBB) coordinated Township of The Archipelago (TOA) Milestone 1 submission to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Partners for Climate Protection Program. The GBB, TOA, GBF and many other regional NGOs will be working to help improve electric car adoption and electric boat use. 300 km (depending on where you’re going), it’s clear that EVs are more than capable of going the distance. If you do need to stop halfway to charge, Ontario’s public charging infrastructure has grown steadily over the years and there are well over 200 fast charging stations across the province that will charge your EV battery from empty to 80% in 30–45 minutes. Electrification is not just for cars; it has wide-ranging applications for all forms of GREAT EXPECTATIONS By David Sweetnam, Executive Director of Georgian Bay Forever The latest assessment of the climate crisis was delivered a few weeks ago by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The assessment wasn’t good, and we are now seeing reports of tragedies directly attributed to increasing greenhouse gas emissions from human activity: hundreds of record heat related deaths in the Canadian west; hundreds of drowning victims from floods in Germany and the US southeast; entire towns burned to the ground in the Canadian and US western states and provinces; the first ever recorded rainfall on the ill-fated Greenland Glacier. One might expect more people to take action. But the pandemic has also revealed that a portion of the public does not view communal life-ending crises as something to be solved with their help. Some people refuse to avail themselves of life saving vaccination technology with the exact same mantra that others embrace it with—we all say we want to protect our families and we all cling to the facts that reinforce our beliefs. So, is it a lost cause? Protecting one hundred percent of families is impossible in light of the “baked in” impacts of our activities to date; fortunately, the majority of the public is on the right side of both of these issues. Unfortunately, it only takes one infected unvaccinated person to breed a mutation and risk the safety and resources of so many others. So, actions at a high community-wide level are necessary for the protection of all our families. And the same goes for climate change: The alarming costs to lives and property requires more insistent collective expectations to increase the speed of many, many more people taking action. Meantime, GBF continues to work with you to take direct actions to protect our water from these increasing impacts—storms are increasing in strength so we are installing devices in storm water systems to trap pollution before it washes off the streets and into our Bay; we are reducing the spread of invasive plants destroying our coastal wetlands that will be needed to clean the water after more frequent sewage spills despoil it; and we are educating our public on how you can take actions that will reduce pollution and greenhouse gasses to halt the increasing temperature of the planet. Thank you for caring. Together we are making a difference. transportation. Georgian Bay Forever is in the process of adding an electric boat to its fleet to educate the public about the benefits of electrification and further its water protection mandate—and this is only the beginning. It’s obvious that EVs have several advantages: they save you money on fuel and maintenance, reduce GHG emissions and deliver equal or better performance. Instead of asking “Should you go electric?” a better question might be “Why shouldn’t you?” TYPICAL MID-SIZE GAS CAR (7.9 L/100 KM NISSAN ALTIMA) Litres of Gasoline Burned (L) CO2 Emissions Created (kg) Toronto to Parry Sound (244 km) 19.3 44.4 Toronto to Tay (159 km) 12.6 29.0 Toronto to Tobermory (296 km) 23.4 53.8 Toronto to Collingwood (146 km) 11.5 26.5 TYPICAL MID-SIZED ELECTRIC CAR (18.9 KWH/100 KM NISSAN LEAF) kWh of Electricity Used CO2 Emissions Created (kg) Toronto to Parry Sound (244 km) 46.1 1.8 Toronto to Tay (159 km) 30.1 1.2 Toronto to Tobermory (296 km) 55.9 2.2 Toronto to Collingwood (146 km) 27.6 1.1 GBF.ORG | FALL 2021 | 9