GBF 2021 - Summer Newsletter

DIVERSION 2.0 UPDATE: LITTER GATHERING DEVICES By Nicole Dimond, GBF Project Coordinator for Diversion 2.0 Over the past few months, we have secured partners for all trash trapping devices for the Diversion 2.0 Project including 8 Seabins, 8 Gutter Bins and 2 Trash Traps (locations and partners above). • Seabins are water garbage bins that pull water through the device to capture float- ing trash and organic materials in a 20kg bin. The Seabin can capture an estimated 1.4 tons of floating debris per year. • Gutter Bins are installed at storm drain openings along roadways and in parking lots, where they capture trash and organic materials in a catch bag called a Mundus Bag. By capturing trash at the storm drain openings, Gutter Bins reduce the risk of trash clogging stormwater pipes and prevent trash from entering our waterways. • StormX Netting Trash Traps are large nets at the end of stormwater pipes. They capture trash and organic materials that have moved through the stormwater pipe system and are about to enter our waterways. The large nets are made of reusable com-mercial grade netting that can handle powerful stormwater runoff and capture pollutants 25mm and larger. Our partners on the project will routinely weigh, empty the contents and record data for each of the trash trapping devices. Twice a year, GBF staff and volunteers will conduct deep dive waste characterizations to identify the types of pollution being col- lected by the devices in different areas around Georgian Bay. We can use this information to help identify and reduce plastic pollution at the source. As a partner of the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup (GLPC), we will assist their project by conducting deep dive waste char- acterizations on 11 Seabins and 4 Litta Traps they have installed around Georgian Bay. As the Diversion 2.0 Project Coordinator, I have delivered zoom presentations to groups around Georgian Bay on the damaging effects of plastic pollution, how to reduce plastic consumption, and how to support a circular economy. We are also gathering volunteers for the Plastic-Free Georgian Bay Campaign that will help interested businesses reduce their lightly-used plastic consumption. A Seabin capturing litter and debris. Photo: WPS America Top view of a Gutter Bin, Mundus Bag below grate capturing litter. Photo: Frog Creek Partners, LLC Trash Trap. Photo: InfraStruct If you are interested in a presentation, volunteering to characterize waste in June or July and October, or joining the Plastic-Free Georgian Bay Campaign, please visit or email . WHERE? PARTNERS AND GENERAL LOCATIONS 2 Seabins Fathom Five National Marine Park, Big Tub Harbour and TBD location Seabin Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula, Little Tub Harbour Seabin Georgian Bay Islands National Park 2 Seabins Township of the Archipelago Seabin Town of Penetanguishene Trash Trap Town of Penetanguishene Seabin Town of Parry Sound Trash Trap Town of Parry Sound 8 Gutter Bins Town of Collingwood GBF – Georgian Bay Forever | GLPC – Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup GBF.ORG | SUMMER 2021 | 3