GBF - 2019 Winter Newsletter

GBF.ORG | WINTER 2019 | 3 2 | WINTER 2019 | GBF.ORG ENVIRONMENTAL PRINTING It’s more than recycled paper.  TM MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR By Anne Randell, Chair AUV PURCHASE MULTIPLIES CAPABILITIES! By David Sweetnam, Executive Director 2019 has come and we are already embarking on perhaps the most exiting year in the history of Georgian Bay Forever. Not only is our invasive Phragmites eradication program starting to pay off (we have seen a 23% decline in Honey Harbour), but we have entered an exciting new partnership with the University of Western Ontario, University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University to acquire a state-of-the-art water quality tool. The Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) is a torpedo-like submersible that has a cluster of water quality detectors on its nose and side-scanning sonar and Doppler sensors along its torso. This computerized, robotic tool can be pre-programmed to follow a precise three dimensional underwater track to a depth of 100 metres to give us the most accurate measurements ever of our precious Bay. This instrument platform can run on its own for up to ten hours at 2.5 knots capturing over 300,000 measurements during each run including temperature, oxygen, water colour and clarity, chlorophyll, blue-green algae and pH. The AUV will collect almost 500 gigabytes of sonar imaging and data including flow rates of the water it travels through. Our team will plan out the schedule for this revolutionary capability annually. It will be used by Georgian Bay Forever in Georgian Bay and by the University researchers in the Canadian far north. GBF is extremely excited by the unprecedented monitoring and science resources we are bringing to Georgian Bay, and the research partnerships with three major Canadian universities arising from this collaboration. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this exciting new capability. Seems like yesterday it was Y2K, and nowhere it is 2019! Time passes so quickly and somuch is changing on all fronts—climate, technology, innovation, andmuchmore. This constant changemakes thework of Georgian Bay Forever thatmuchmore important aswe strive to ensure that the pristinewaters of our beautiful Georgian Bay remain that way for the next generation… and the ones after that…in fact, forever. It is a challenge though, and that’swhywe believe that our research and science efforts, focussed onwater quality, water levels and invasive species, are so important. Youwill read elsewhere in this issue about our recent joint purchase of an AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) whichwill revolutionize water quality testing and other research possibilities in the Bay (page 2). Youwill meet our newest BoardMember, Helen Bryce, who is heading up the GBF Education Committee below. And youwill learn about themany topics presented at our recent H 2 O2018 educational conference (page 4). Please take the time to watch the various video clips (go to ) of some of the excellent topics if you can. I ampleased to share that wewere successful in reaching our fundraising goal in 2018, raising almost $500,000 fromgenerous and caring individuals, groups and businesses. Our critical work is only possiblewith support like this andwe appreciate each and every contribution. Aswell, we appreciate themany volunteer hours contributed by our Board and CommitteeMembers aswell as the 290 community volunteerswho have helpedwith our fight to eradicate invasive Phragmites. Thank you one and all for your help and support. We couldn’t do it without you! Georgian Bay Forever is a community response to the growing need for major research and education to sustain the Georgian Bay aquatic ecosystem and the quality of life its communities and visitors enjoy. We help monitor the Bay’s well being, throughout the seasons, year after year. We fund the research needed to protect the environmental health of Georgian Bay and the surrounding bodies of water. Using our research findings, we inform and educate the general public and governments about threats to environmental health and propose possible solutions. Through workshops, seminars and online, we are educating the Georgian Bay community. By teaming up with reputable institutions, we enhance the credibility of our research and strengthen our ability to protect what’s at stake. Georgian Bay Forever is a registered Canadian charity (#89531 1066 RR0001). We work with the Great Lakes Basin Conservancy in the United States, as well as other stakeholder groups all around the Great Lakes. Deeply rooted and broadly drawn, Georgian Bay Forever is steered by lifelong devotees of the Bay. We are committed advocates, educators, environmentalists, realists, idealists, and of course, residents. DIRECTORS EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR David Sweetnam OUR CONTACT DETAILS Georgian Bay Forever PO Box 75347, Leslie St., Toronto, ON M4M 1B3 tel: 905-880-4945 You can reach David Sweetnam, our Executive Director, at or at 905-880-4945, ext 1. Canadian citizens may send their donations to the address above. U.S. citizens wishing to make a donation to support our work can do so by giving to: Great Lakes Basin Conservancy PO Box 504, Gates Mills, OH 44040-0504, USA This newsletter is just a snapshot of our work. For the most up-to-date information on our projects, longer versions of newsletter articles and breaking news about Georgian Bay, please become a regular visitor to our website and Facebook page. GBF.ORG Design by Key Gordon ( ) Editor: Heather Sargeant Follow us on Adam Chamberlain Anne Randell, Chair Derek Bowen Doug Heintzman Janet Burt Jennifer Ferguson Helen Bryce Laren Stadelman Neil Hutchinson Paul Emond Terry Clark MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR NEW FACES AND A NEW COMMITTEE! GBF welcomed Helen Bryce to the board of directors as the Education Director and chair of the new Education Committee last summer. Helen is a fourth generation Pointe au Baril cottager who brings her passion for the Bay and her experience as a school administrator to the task. This new committee has been charged with the clear purpose to generate compelling educational offerings that foster appreciation, care and action to protect Georgian’s Bay aquatic wildlife and the quality of its waters. The Education Committee’s first challenge was organizing the H 2 O 2018 October info ses- sion in Toronto, which was co-hosted with the Georgian Bay Association and sponsored by Bruce Power. Expert speakers spoke on topics that impact your water including cli- mate change, microplastics pollution, invasive Phragmites , and aquaculture. Participants who were surveyed online gave the over-all information presented at H 2 O a 93%mark! Now, you get a chance to discover or re-visit the important points from the session in the following pages. We’re looking for committee members and we welcome your ideas and feedback. Please contact Helen via email at with the subject line Education Committee to join us and make a difference! Georgian Bay Forever (GBF) is pleased to announce we have changed printers. Warren’s Waterless Printing Inc. is committed to providing the most environmen- tally responsible print product and is a leading Canadian environmental printer using high-quality waterless print technology. The waterless printing process eliminates the use of fresh water and greatly reduces the use of harmful chemical compounds. This ensures that harmful chemicals are not emitted into the environment, and that water is not wasted. You’ll notice that GBF has changed the paper stock to a more visually appealing paper. Please note that it continues to be made with recycledmaterial with 100%post-consumer recycled content . We are so excited to work with Warren’s and thank the Georgian Bay Association’s John Carson for the introduction to this partner. Environmental calculator: By using Cocoon Silk paper rather than a non- recycled paper, the environmental impact was reduced by: More environmental impact savings at EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE Members of Georgian Bay Forever's new Education Committee at a January meeting. From left to right: Heather Sargeant, David Sweetnam, Helen Bryce (Chair of the committee), Paul Emond. Other members include: Amber Gordon-Bunn, Anne Randell, and Jennifer Ferguson. Photo courtesy of Anne Randell. *The title of this article is a trademark that is owned by Warren’s Waterless Printing. 11,021 LITRES OF WATER 38 KG CO 2 AND GREENHOUSE GASSES 283 KG OF LANDFILL