Georgian Bay Memories

Georgian Bay is more than just a body of water.

Georgian Bay is home to some of our most cherished family memories – the kind of memories we want our children and grandchildren to have as well. Happy memories of being out on the water, fishing for bass, enjoying the loons or watching the sunset. We love the peace and tranquility that comes with cottage country, along with the special family times that happen there.

Meet Anne Randell, Board Member of Georgian Bay Forever who has her own meaningful reasons for fighting for Georgian Bay.

I am definitely a cottage person..

I am never happier than when I’m enjoying the beauty of Georgian Bay at our family cottage in Pointe au Baril.

My story might be a similar one to yours. My husband and I grew up going to our families’ cottages on Lake Huron and Lake Simcoe every summer. When we got married, there was no question that we would one day own a cottage of our own. Georgian Bay was the perfect option for us, and we immediately fell in love with Pointe au Baril.

Thirty-eight years later, there have been more memories made here than I could ever begin to count.

Our children are the next generation of cottage people

That’s why I’m doing everything in my power to protect it for them.

Our kids grew up having island picnics, fish fries and nature hikes. Now, my grandchildren are doing the same. Our cottage is the one constant in all of our busy lives. We look forward to our time here together more than anything else.

IMG_0215 - picnic at umbrellas 3Frame

When I considered volunteering my time, I knew that nothing was more important to me than Georgian Bay. The work we do at Georgian Bay Forever is completely rewarding – and every day I get to witness the amazing impact your generosity makes.

(* See the 2 minute video summary of our work and accomplishments in the 2015 Annual Report summary)

A place like this is worth fighting for.

And, after all the years I’ve spent on the Bay, there has never been a more important time to step up and take action than right now. With climate change affecting our water levels , phragmites threatening to obscure the shoreline entirely, and the potential for an invasive carp species to destroy the delicate ecosystem – I am more concerned than ever.

The fact is, our entire cottage experience depends on the water. It’s what we do all day every day – fishing, swimming, boating. With low water levels or poor water quality, all of that enjoyment could become distant memories, ones our grandchildren may only hear stories about, rather than experience for themselves.

If you care about the Bay as much as I do, and want to feel empowered to take real action – I urge you to give today. That way, we at Georgian Bay Forever can continue our important work protecting the place we both love so much.

Wishing you and your family happy Georgian Bay memories this summer and always,

Anne Randell
Board Vice-Chair Georgian Bay Forever

P.S. We're interested in your story...

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