The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation, (aka The Coastal Centre) has developed and executed an awareness program around the many ecological and recreational threats posed by cigarette butt litter over the past few years. It's been so successful, that the program is expanding with the help of Environmental Defence who have created a national tool kit.

Wasaga Provincial Beach Area 5 is the first to benefit from this expanded partnership; which is also receiving strong project support from the Environment Network, amazing volunteer Brian Nabuurs, and Georgian Bay Forever who is helping spread the message about the need for Wasaga Beach to be BUTT-FREE.

Find out about the partners for "BUTT-FREE Beach" by visiting their websites:

National Partners:
Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation
Environmental Defence (and the Blue Flag program)

Local Partners at Wasaga Beach:
Wasaga Beach Provincial Park
Environment Network
Georgian Bay Forever

To go back to reasons for beaches to be butt-free, follow these links:

1. Cigarette butts don’t biodegrade
2. Cigarette butts pollute water
3. Cigarette butts are toxic waste
4. Cigarette butts harm wildlife
5. Cigarette butts hurt the local economy

Brian Nabuurs. Making a difference!

Brian Nabuurs

Brian has volunteered dozens of hours to reduce litter on Wasaga Beach. Thanks Brian for your inspiring volunteerism to help our communities and the environment! Join Brian in helping to make beaches BUTT-FREE!

"This has been a very positive experience from the very beginning. My inspiration originally came from Karen Alexander at LHCC (Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation). I thought it truly needed to be in Wasaga. I felt that if we wanted more people to take part in the initiative, it needed to be on a grander stage. Wasaga Beach is the perfect spring board to bring national attention to the issue and develop a template for this initiative for each community to duplicate."
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