Meet the 2020 Phragbusters!

Georgian Bay Forever has hired 3 phragbusting students in partnership with the Honey Harbour Association, the Cognashene Cottagers’ Association , the Tay Township, with many thanks to GBF donors that we have especially acknowledged below the info on the students. If you would like to donate, please give here.

Their extra help is needed to keep this invasive plant, Phragmites, from taking over Georgian Bay shorelines and developing into large monocultures that threaten the habitat for so many creatures, and can ruin your access to the shoreline. Look and learn a little a bit about these students in these parts of Georgian Bay below:

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Fighting Phragmites in Georgian Bay

Students main duties will be to:

    • Map Phragmites stands so they can be prioritized for management. You can help to! How to map.
    • Educate and train local community volunteers to manage invasive Phragmites in their community. Increase the Phragbuster movement. Find out how you can hep too! Selective cut method.

Check out these other areas of Georgian Bay where you can help. Georgian Bay Phragbuster Groups

Meet your 2020 Phragbusters!

In 2020 we will not be able to do dock visits or community cuts (GBF and COVID-19), but we have other ways to get involved! Follow us along on Instagram and Facebook to learn everything you need to know about phragmites as we explore the shorelines of Georgian Bay.

Jack Giroux

My name is Jack Giroux, I recently completed my fourth year of Environmental Studies at Wilfred Laurier University. I grew up in Toronto and spend the majority of my summers on the shores of Georgian Bay. My education, coupled with the privilege of cottaging on our great lakes, has given me a unique perspective and deep respect for both the bay and the communities that strive to protect it.

I look forward to working with and learning from the GBF team again this summer.


Tanner Freeman

I am a second-year student at Georgian College in the Environmental Technology Program. I live in Tiny Township but grew up in Wasaga Beach. I have been a boater on Georgian Bay since I was a kid and now a cottager in the past couple years.

Growing up on the bay is the reason why I have such a love for the environment and nature. Georgian Bay is a huge part of my life which is why I am proud to be apart of GBF and can now help protect the bay’s aquatic ecosystem and beautiful nature and landscape that is so special to many of us. Georgian Bay has so much to offer and has created so many memories for me over the years and now it is time to give back to this unique and precious place. As a community, we can come together to protect Georgian Bay for years to come against the increasing effects of climate change.

I am so fortunate to serve as a community ambassador for GBF for the second summer in a row, eradicating invasive Phragmites along the southeast shorelines of Georgian Bay. I am looking forward to another great summer and can’t wait to see what we can all accomplish together on the fight against Phragmites!


Nicole Dimond

Hi! I’m Nicole, a 2019 graduate from the University of Toronto and the rookie at Georgian Bay Forever.

I’m new to boating on Georgian Bay, but I can already see that it’s a unique area with many beautiful wetlands! Knowing Georgian Bay provides important habitat for many native plants and animals means it’s vital that we continue to work together to protect the many ecosystems that make up Georgian Bay.

I’m excited to bring my passion for the environment and education to this position as we work together to eradicate invasive phragmites from Georgian Bay.


Brooke Harrison

My name is Brooke Harrison and I am the Project Coordinator for Phragmites Eradication for the Health of our Water and Wetlands, and Divert & Capture: The Fight to Keep Microplastics out of our Water. I am a Trent University graduate and am lucky enough to call Tobermory home. I have grown to love the shorelines of Georgian Bay and am so lucky to work everyday in protecting valuable coastal wetlands, while educating the public on how to be good stewards of the land.


Email Brooke today to get involved!


Funding and assistance for the 2020 Georgian Bay Forever project, Phragmites Eradication for the Health of our Water and Wetlands, was provided by the Government of Canada summer jobs program, Township of Georgian Bay, Tay Township, Township of the Archipelago,, the Honey Harbour Association, the Cognashene Cottagers Association, Wah Wah Taysee Association,  Twelve Mile Bay Members Association, and our many individual donors.

GBF sends our sincerest thanks to all for their investment in this initiative.