Be the Belle of the Bay or Wetland Hunk

Introducing Phragbusters Wearables and Accessories

Milan meets Marsh in these exciting pieces which are sure to generate conversational buzz. Could your boat use a little makeover? Draw stares and attention with just the right boat bling bling - Phragbusters boat decals.

How can I make a Phragbusters statement?

Special Offer 2016 only:

Until July 14th, first dibs on these amazing articles go to Phagbusters who are on our special Phragbusters list (registered at a GBF workshop or talked to us about fighting invasive Phragmites).

What to do? Take these steps, and make these promises:

1. Register your Georgian Bay Community. Have your Phragbusting Georgian Bay community group register via email for the Georgian Bay Forever Community Page ; which helps other potential volunteers in your area find you. Email Communications if your community isn't there.
    If your community is listed, skip to "Here's what you get"
2. Do a cut. Commit your group to doing at least one Phragmites selective cut between Mid-July and Mid-August in Georgian Bay in 2016.
3. Show us your success. Promise to send Communications a before and after photo.

Here's what you get:

Working on the honour system, each leader of a new community that registers with us will receive in 2016 4 Phragbusters t-shirts of their choice*, one Phragbusters Ball Cap*, and one Phragbusters boat decal* to distribute to their volunteers.

But it doesn't stop there:

They will also receive 2 water and UV resistant highly conspicuous and arresting signs* to use during cuts to help literally stop people on The Bay and provoke conversation to drive awareness. 20 Phragmites handouts are also available to the group.

After July 14th, we will be promoting Phragmites communities and cuts with our whole GBF database and extending this offer to our entire GBF audience if quantities remain.
*Important Disclaimers:

  • While Quantities last. We hope you like the Phragbuster Collection. Unfortunately, we only have limited quantities and sizes and are sorry we can't outfit everyone.
  • Please Support Us. As GBF is a charity, we hope that you will consider making a donation that helps enable work like Phragmites eradication.
  • Limited resources.We ask for your patience and understanding about getting the goods to you. We will do our best, but must find reasonable and inexpensive ways to get this to you. It may take some time to find something that works out.

Happy Phragbusting! See you on The Bay.

STOP PHRAG Outdoor signs

Quantities/Sizes Remaining (updated July 5):
They are meant to be scary, to stop people, and make them ask questions. One size, double-sided 24 x 18, UV and Water resistant exterior signs (meant to last perhaps 2 years), with galvanized steel stakes - 48
Read here for How to Use the Sign?

Mens and Ladies White T-Shirts

Quantities/Sizes Remaining (updated July 5):
Women ,Large - 48, boxy fit
Men, Medium - 51 Men, Large - 12 Men, X Large - 15

Mens and Ladies Grey T-Shirts

Quantities/Sizes Remaining (updated July 5):
Women, Med - 8, small fit
Women ,Large - 2, small fit
Men, Large - 13 Men, Extra Large - 17

Charcoal Baseball Cap

Quantities/Sizes Remaining (updated July 5):
One Size - 29

Boat Decals

Quantities/Sizes Remaining (updated July 5):
One size, 15 x 7 in - 29