Success Stories Fighting Invasive Phragmites

Invasive Phragmites seem to be coming up to Georgian Bay from everywhere...but thanks to efforts like yours - it is possible to make a difference in helping protect Georgian Bay's coastal wetlands. In the summer of 2015, Georgian Bay Forever worked with 16 communities to educate and train volunteers like you to identify, map, cut, and monitor invasive Phragmites. We removed over 8000 kilograms of the stuff!
What does success look like? Take a 2016 picture

We have to look at the stands over years to see if they are truly diminishing, what next actions are needed, and finally if they are ultimately gone. Take time now to return to the cuts that you did in 2015 to assess follow-up needs for a Mid-July to August touch up cut and to monitor progress.

  • Send us your before and after pictures from 2015 and 2016. Email Communications
  • Sign your community up for this year, or find your community and volunteer on Phragbusting. See our community page.

Click on the list below to see the start of 2016 pictures of Phragmites stands where last year's efforts have made a big difference. We want to add yours!

16 Communities Fought Phrag in 2015

Woods Bay

Year 1
Year 2

Wymbolwood Beach

Lynn Short from Wymbolwood Beach is a leader in the invasive Phragmites fight due to her astonishing local work in Wymbolwood, her many contributions to educating the public on this invasive, and through her commitment to hands-on research to improve management practices to stop this plant.

GBF is proud and lucky to have Lynn as a contributor. Read more here about Lynn's identification methods, cut process on beaches, and research. See her observations in the side video that shows that the cut process works by withering invasive Phragmites rhizomes.
Earlier in the Wymbolwood Beach Area
The Possibilities

Your Success Story HERE – there are over a dozen Georgian Bay Communities that have a story to share

Please contact Communications (Heather) via email about your story and pictures, or to set up a phone call. The more stories we share, the more we can inspire others, and work through problems. See you out there Phragbusting!