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Volunteer Opportunty

Shoreline Cleanups - Join one today

The #GBFTrashTeam will be happy to assist facilitating shoreline cleanups around Georgian Bay.

Have a site in mind around Georgian Bay where you've noticed shoreline litter? Contact Cassie to organize a clean up today and/or register today for a clean up near you by emailing with your contact information and the site you would like to clean up! We are helping to facilitate fall and winter cleanups.

Or can you volunteer for this one?

Help Cleanup the Bay, meet at Waubuno Beach, Oct.19.

If you can't attend H2O in Toronto(click here for more info) , volunteer for a shoreline/trail cleanup.

When: Saturday October 19, 10am
Where: Waubuno Beach is the meeting point, we will work our way north along Rotary Algonquin Trail.

Georgian Bay Forever will supply all materials but it is encouraged to bring your own gloves (and of course re usable water bottle)

Contact Cassie Weston for more info at (905) 880-4945 ext 5.

To learn more about cleanups and Divert and Capture, visit this link

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Volunteer Opportunity- Town Of Parry Sound

Help us prove that we can reduce tiny plastic microfibers from getting into Georgian Bay .
We are looking for 3 more volunteers from Parry Sound who will volunteer to have a filter installed on their washing machine so that we can track reduction of plastic microfibers from laundering your clothes getting into Georgian Bay.

If you are interested and are in the Parry Sound area, please contact us at with the subject title Parry Sound Volunteer.

To qualify, here are 3 simple criteria: 1 page PDF link

To learn more about this project and microfiber pollution, and how you can help, please visit
Microfiber plastics

Volunteer program – Families For Change

If you and your family are concerned about climate change, plastic pollution and wetland health, but don’t really know where to start, Georgian Bay Forever (GBF) has a program for you. It’s called Families For Change (F4C).

How does it work?

It’s entirely up to your family. GBF’s new F4C program can take as much or as little time as you and your family have to devote to it. The program we put together is summer-themed, but there are still some options for your family to consider. It provided families the ability to choose from 49 tasks in 4 different categories or y focus on one or two. The categories include: clean up your shorelines (still available), improve daily choices (still relevant), choose fashion that matters (still relavant), and preserve wetlands (some still relevant).
  • Please download the PDF of the summer F4C task list here: at this link
  • And/or contact email with subject line: F4C next task list - and we will send it to you when it is ready.
  • Volunteer Opportunity

    Volunteer to take water quality samples!

    A partner of GBF on water quality, the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve (GBBR) has identified a need for more volunteers in monitoring nutrients along eastern Georgian Bay. Nutrient monitoring refers to total phosphorus (TP) monitoring, as it is the nutrient that controls the growth of algae and most living biota in the aquatic environment. In order to collect TP in a single database, cottagers and associations are encouraged to get involved in the provincial Lake Partner Program (LPP) to help monitor the health of their waterbody. To date, there are 600 volunteers sampling at over 800 sites; there are at least 40 additional sites that could help scientific understanding of nutrients in eastern Georgian Bay. If your association has questions or would like further information, please contact David Bywater, program coordinator at or 705.774.0978.

    Rushing Water

    Volunteer Opportunty

    Join a Georgian Bay Forever committee. Devote your time and skills to helping protect the water of Georgian Bay.

    Learn about our committees.
    Contact if you are interested in volunteering, and which committee. You will be connected with the committee chair, who will be pleased to talk with you about what's involved.

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    Volunteer Opportunty

    Fight Invasive Phragmites this summer that are harming wetlands and habitat, in your local area of Georgian Bay .

    To find a community leader near you, contact or check out this link of local leaders and volunteer to help a cut.

    Learn more about Phragmites.

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