Standards for Research

Established in 1995, Georgian Bay Forever is a charitable organization whose mission is to protect, enhance and restore the health of Georgian Bay, its natural ecosystems, its aquatic environment and quality of life for all who live, work, relax in and visit the area.

Georgian Bay Forever pursues this mission by providing balanced, thoughtful leadership on the issues that affect the ecology and environment of the Bay. Our perspective on such issues is integrated and multi-disciplinary, and is based on research excellence. Our work includes accredited scientific research and public education that cover our three key pillars of interest: water levels, water quality and ecosystems.

As a top tier, high-integrity organization, Georgian Bay Forever conducts research in conjunction with respected academic institutions and related research organizations. We also collaborate closely with governments and government departments, such as Environment Canada, and other key governmental agencies including the International Joint Commission (IJC), the International Upper Great Lakes Study Board, the Council of the Great Lakes Region and NASA, to name but a few.

Our research focuses on water, and on bringing new knowledge and innovative technologies forward to help protect The Bay. Our scientific research also adds to public knowledge and discourse, and helps to inform decision-making regarding these issues, with the overall goal of helping to find and create real and long-lasting solutions. This is our charitable purpose. Our work in these areas has drawn national and international attention.

Learn about our Science Committee and Scientific Advisory Panel and our Partners.