Dawn’s book pick about what is climate change for young readers

Title: What is Climate Change?, by Gail Herman

A recommendation by Dawn Drayton

Published by: Penguin Workshop Age level 8-12 years, Grades 3-7 Although this is a US publication and focuses on developments and politics in the US, it is extremely relevant to the world who need positive action from the US on climate change decisions. The book begins by demonstrating the impact of climate change on polar bears. With simple black and white drawings Herman clearly shows how the habitat of the polar bear has been affected by the melting of polar ice. The weather, she points out, is softening permafrost, melting polar ice and threatening coastal homes.

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Dawn’s book pick about Water for young readers

Title: Water, by Melissa Stewart

A recommendation by Dawn Drayton

Published by: National Geographic Kids Level Three Fluent Reader Age range 6-9 Finally a book for children that introduces them to what Georgian Bay is all about - water! In this book they learn about the concept of the 'blue planet' and that “Water covers almost three quarters of Earths surface.” Stewart takes the young fluent reader through the development of life forms from their start in the ocean through their evolution to the land. Beginning with the four oceans, the author then shifts to fresh water lakes, describing the food chain. She explains the role rivers play as they flow into the ocean picking up silt and some salt from the land.

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Dawn’s book pick about the Night Sky for young readers

Title: Night Sky, by Stephanie Warren Drimmer

A recommendation by Dawn Drayton

Published by: National Geographic Kids Level Two Reading Independently Grades 1-3 If your family is like mine, we love to lie on our deck in the dark and watch the stars in the night sky. If you are like me, you’d probably like to know more about the constellations but are overwhelmed with technical jargon. With the help of this easy-to-read children’s book, your children and grandchildren can guide you through the night sky.

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Dawn’s book pick introducing Weather to young readers

Weather, by Kristin Baird Rattini

A recommendation by Dawn Drayton

Published by: National Geographic Level One, starting to read 4-6 years
Before a small children can begin to understand how our climate is changing, they must gradually learn the concepts that interact to influence our earth’s environment. What better way than with an introductory book written for four to six-year-olds. Weather by Kristin Baird Rattini, published by National Geographic is just the right beginning reading book to stimulate and interest young scientists.

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Dawn’s book pick about how to avoid a climate disaster

Title: How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, by Bill Gates

A recommendation by Dawn Drayton

Published by: Alfred A Knopf New York Toronto 2021 If you are at all like me, the thought of megawatts and gigahertzes makes my eyes glaze over. Bill Gates, technology genius and selfless philanthropist, has written a book just for us in this critical era of climate crisis.

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Helen’s book pick: We Are the Weather

Title: We Are the Weather, Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast. Author: Jonathan Safran Foer

Reviewed and recommended by Helen Bryce, GBF director and chair of the Education Committee

In this unsettling and uncertain COVID-19 environment, we are thankful that the majority of society practices “social isolation/physical distancing", that the medical profession bravely carries on treating the infected, that businesses retool to produce what society needs and that governments step up to the challenge of protecting us all. Why then, can we not do the same things to save our planet before we reach “runaway climate change” and nothing can save us?

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Saturday April 25, 2020. Energy Rights and Wrongs. Can we do more right? Yes we can.

The effects of global warming are here locally and abroad – from rapidly swinging lake levels in Georgian Bay to more intense bush fires in Australia - to name a few.

Many scientists are afraid of being called alarmist, and that there is a conservative bias in much reporting on future scenarios that could result in a lack of preparation. This was noted by Georgian Bay’s Executive Director who attended a presentation from Dr. Huaiping Zhu, professor in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Faculty of Science, York University, who received a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) to improve climate risk assessments in the province. David noted with alarm that Dr. Zhu’s modelling showed a trajectory of 6-9 degrees of warming in northern communities. Northern limit of corn crops today is Parry Sound…by 2100 it will be almost up to James Bay.
Electric Vehicle Event Picture
While we can’t reverse where we are now, we can collectively work together to limit its extent by century end. At Georgian Bay Forever (GBF), we are committed to bringing helpful information and solutions to you.

On April 25th in Toronto, GBF invites you to an event that includes 2 parts in each session:
  1. Learn more about Ontario’s renewable energy grid, and future possibilities from David Sweetnam.
  2. Test drive an electric vehicle. Ask Plug ‘N Drive experts any questions you want to know.
Tickets are $20 each and include light fare and refreshments.

Register for your choice of session (either morning or afternoon):


GBF’s Position on Global Warming

“We cannot avoid the consequences of our warming climate but we can take actions to limit the damage,reduce our carbon dioxide emissions and,over the longterm,limit the warming of our planet.” From GBF’s position papaer. Learn more about impacts on Georgian Bay and GBF’s position here:
GBF’s position paper on Global Warming