Current Water Levels

Georgian Bay's Current Water Levels

The NOAA daily Georgian Bay (Lake Michigan-Huron) water levels in metric units or English units. The 12 month outlook summary for the Great Lakes in English units.

Summer 2017: Water levels above average. Read this short Parry Sound article that quotes our Executive Director, David Sweetnam discussing shorter periods of flashier highs. Link.

Oct 2016: La Niña is no longer expected to develop at this time.

Summer 2016:Georgian Bay water levels are modestly above average in Lake Huron-Michigan thanks largely to conditions from a strong El Niño. Warmer air temperatures and warmer water temperatures resulted in less evaporation (note: evaporation increases with greater contrasts in air and water temp). El Niño is weakening, and NOAA is predicting (50% probability) that the Great Lakes may be influenced by La Niña conditions by late fall. Georgian Bay water levels are generally expected to stay above average, but may decline with the cooler weather of La Niña in late Fall. .

Winter 2016: Updated Feb 25, 2016.Why is there low ice with low evaporation? Learn more.

Long-term trend: